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Chef Tom – Snack Time!

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From the NY Times:
A slice of this berry-dotted cake is perfect late in the morning, for afternoon tea or after dinner, with coffee. It keeps for up to three days in a sealed container, but is at its absolute best on the day it’s made.

I have a freezer full of blueberries and a hankering for something rich and sweet. I’ll be making this over the weekend. Likely it’ll be gone-gone by Monday. Continue reading

Pat Blythe – Gin, Phantom Atlantic …and Music!

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I love gin. That’s no secret. Years and years ago my dad introduced me to his special recipe for the old fashioned G&T and it has been my favourite tipple ever since. Ice, tonic water, slice of lemon (the yellow one, not the green one) and a sprig of fresh mint. Absolutely delightful and oh so refreshing. Now my dad’s secret ingredient was small amount of Canada Dry’s Bitter Lemon. It still has a few niche markets in the U.S. but hasn’t been for sale in Canada for many years and there are now rumours Canada Dry is discontinuing production of this pop. However, I don’t miss it. It’s the “Bombay flavour” and fresh mint that really pull the drink together. Perfect!

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