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Darrell Vickers – Chapter Eleven You Better Bite the Head Off That So It Doesn’t Follow You Home

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I don’t know what was wrong with me.  No matter how great things were getting, no matter how my garden of good fortune kept sprouting new blossoms, I just couldn’t stop thinking about “you know who”.  I mean, we spent some time together in the common room and we’d had a drink but it’s not like we were best buddies.  If you get right down to it, she wasn’t even my type.  Sure, she was beat-your-knob-with-a-claw-hammer beautiful and smelled like springtime in the mountains, but Alchemy was a little too driven for my taste.  There wasn’t a lot of “sit back with a Bud and put your feet up” in that girl.  Harvey had started posting a Salesman-of-the-Month plaque in the lobby.  Her iridescent face had been on that thing ever since it was put up.  I was making a South-American-Dictator fortune; I can’t even imagine how much Alchemy must have been pulling down.  All I know is, she wasn’t pulling anything else down.  Tut tut.  There I go, thinking about sex again.

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Roxanne Tellier – Whatever Happened to the Artsy Fartsy BBS?

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In the nineties, I ran the Artsy Fartsy Bulletin Board System out of my home for several years. Those were the days of 2400 baud modems and the scree scraw weeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!  sound of the connection soon became a part of my every waking and sleeping moment.

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Chef Tom – DIY Niçoise Salad, and On That Note

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This seems just right for the Summer weather, don’t you agree? An easy, delicious, salad, and some wonderful music to go with it.


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Darrell Vickers – FtN Chapter Ten: You Mean?…Exactly!

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I wrote a large check and Polo fucked-off to do whatever it is I hired him to do and I went to have a last cup of gourmet coffee before heading home to my new house and furniture.

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Roxanne Tellier – On Pavlovitz, Positivity, Privilege – and the Bossa Nova

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John Pavlovitz is a writer, pastor, and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina, who has a wonderful site called, ‘Stuff That Needs To Be Said.’

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Chef Tom – Miso Hungry

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Summertime means salads. When you’ve spent the day sweating and sticky, it’s time for a crispy Rosé with a refreshing chill, and a bowl full of nutrient-dense peak-season veggies and fruits.

In fact, the best time to eat something is when it’s in season. That’s when it contains the most nutrients and it’s nutrients that actually give food its flavor. So it’s a double whammy – not only is the food as nutritious as possible, but it tastes amazing!

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Bob the Canarican Celebrates Post and Pre-Dependence Day!

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Happy 152nd Birthday, Canada! Although it has only been 47 years, I feel like I’ve been living here for at least 150 of those 152 years in this, the Greatest Country in North America AND the Rest of the World.

I am a Proud Canarican …or at least I will be again once President Flubber and His Band of Lost Socks are incarcerated or incinerated (choose one), and Adults are back running our Pants.

To celebrate, I offer up this heavily researched, thoroughly accurate FAQ sheet listing the differences between Our Great Land, and Our Once Great Pants.

Most of the following was originally posted in 2015, when the world was a different place. There was cleaner air, prettier sunsets, better television reception, and more than enough Gummy Bears. All of that changed after the advent of the Man Bun and Robot Bingo Callers. No…wait…that was a dream I had after a night of fish tacos and Metaxa.

Never mind….

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