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Mr. Montreuil’s Office Antics

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In 2016 I retired from employment with the Canadian federal government after over 40 years. While I began as a file clerk, I was able to spend the “lion’s share” of my career interviewing people both on the phone and in person. I was initially assigned a desk, but as my responsibilities and position evolved, I wound up ensconced in an office.

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Peter Ponders the Painted Lady

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In last last week’s column, some of my language was a bit salty. However, if you are more offended by that than you are about the threats to our democracy, freedom and tolerance posed not only by neo Nazis and white supremacists, but by extremist ideologues (on both sides), well then maybe you’re part of the problem. As far as neo-nazis are concerned, I will not attempt to disguise my distaste, disdain and disgust for those thugs, those losers who apparently venerate “Hogan’s Heroes” as a World War II documentary.

So now let’s lighten up and talk about some music. I dedicate this week’s column to all the people who whine “There just isn’t any good music being made anymore!” There is, you just aren’t looking in the right places. (It’s actually all around you.)

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