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Peter Presents a Review

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While my main interest in music is “indie music”, I also like some mainstream music (even I had a copy of “Zeppelin II”), and have attended various concerts which apparently qualify me to say that. I do not pretend to be in the “Sharon Vernon triple figure concert attendance superfan category”, although the most recent “Trews” show she went to eerily included “Fortunate Losers” on the bill, a band which has been mentioned in my column before.

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Jaimie Has a Great Reason to be Missing Today….

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Sharon and Jaimie Vernon

Congratulations from all of us at DBAWIS to newly minted Grandparents Jaimie and Sharon Vernon. Daughter Danielle has delivered a Beauty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. April Joyce Benson….

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones

It’s been a really crappy two weeks. Sometimes you get handed a series of unrelated, but no less dramatic, events that snowball into a stifling blanket of stress, anxiety and, more often than not, sadness. It’s been the default mode since early August. I have learned that you can’t catch any of the balloons falling from the sky, you can only offer up a spot for the least damaging of emotional landings. I’m worn out and weary.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Bullseye Canada— Let the Salvage Operations Begin: Conversations with Jaimie Vernon… Plus Notes (and One Really Cool Picture of Bow Thayer Guesting With No Small Children)

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That would be Bullseye Records, Canada for those unaware, a label pieced together by DBAWIS‘s own Jaimie Vernon and friends— a record company caught in the digital tsunami which wiped out more than one music concern.  In fact, if you define being wiped out as being wiped out, you could probably number them in triple digits, many being “absorbed” by major labels if they could find anything worth adding to their already bloated catalogues.  I will tell you upfront that it is a tale of both success and crushing defeat, of both business and personal failure— not that it could have been avoided.  When the music business started crumbling, it took with it most everything in its path.  If you subscribe to the business as it was.  If your yardstick was measured by the same standards the major labels had set up and followed for decades.  Jaimie and his company took a beating, no doubt, but he is not down and out by a long shot.  He has just, shall we say, been regrouping.

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As you read this my wife Sharon Vernon and I have just celebrated our 19th anniversary. We went to Cleveland to see two of her favourite bands – the American act Red Wanting Blue and Canadian rock darling The Trews who I introduced her to (musically) in 2003 after seeing them in a club in Halifax during the ECMA’s. We’ve done a lot of that on our anniversaries – going to see live acts. That includes Lighthouse on our 17th and Ian Mitchell of the Bay City Rollers (see story below).

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JAIMIE VERNON – I Like the Beatles And My Baby Loves The Rolling Stones

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Love you takeBob Segarini’s song is an apt musical metaphor for “Men are from Mars, Women are from Anywhere They Damn Well Please”. But in my case, the title means exactly what it says. I’m a Beatles fan. My wife, Sharon Vernon, is a Rolling Stones fan (or at least she was…apparently she’s bored of them now). In our household that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a well balanced diet of charm, wit and brilliant pop sensibilities vs. machismo, grit and bad boy sexuality.

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