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Segarini – The Iceage, Guitars, Players, Too Much To Do, and a Friend Retires

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47. Bob 2015

This has been one of the busiest weeks I can recall. Way too much time spent on long distance calls in order to facilitate some long standing issues that could be very beneficial, working on The Book, organizing the apartment, and suffering the insane heat and humidity, (something I do not do well), while I try and get as much done as I can.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Musicians to Corporate: This Is War!; Mad Anthony’s Brand-Spanking New Video; and Notes Even You Can Play

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Strap yourselves in, sports fans, because this is going to get ugly.  The past few days have given us a flurry of  comments and actions to chew on in this fast growing chaos which is the new landscape of music.

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Frank and Bobert Tag Team the Monday DBAWIS

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Either I misplaced today’s column from one of our Monday Revolving Door contributers, (Darrell Vickers, Doug Thompson, Justin Smallbridge, or Gary Pig Gold), or the fridge magnet holding their schedules to their Kelvinator’s freezer door lost it’s power and dropped out of sight.

Frank and Bob

In any case, this column comes to you all because Jaimie Vernon made an amazing album, Frank reviewed it in another blog, and Laurie Biagini (we has similar names) re-posted it in her ALSO amazing Indie Pop Musician’s Daily online magazine. When I asked Frank’s permission to re-repost it here for your dining and dancing pleasure, the following exchange occured using the much maligned Facebook Message service.

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