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Pat Blythe: Music, Smoke Signals, a Bar Car and Avery Raquel

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WOW! A free weekend. No big plans. No club hopping, gin slurping, picture taking. A Friday night and it’s dinner and a movie with friends Robin and Mary Ann. Saturday my niece is in town overnight with her girlfriend. It’s homemade spaghetti sauce on pasta for supper. Tummies happy, we had a lovely natter and then it’s bedtime. Sunday it’s Aunt Pat’s blueberry pancakes. Fed and watered, the girls are sent on their way. I then strolled into the Beach, walking in this glorious sunshine, to a long coffee break with friend Sandy Graham. It was a beautiful weekend. Uneventful and about as exciting as this paragraph. Just what the doctor ordered.

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vernon_19972WARNING: This blog contains political ranting…and sexual panting. I expect many will be offended by the sex part…but not by the politics.

By the time you read this the Stukas should be flying over Disneyland dropping bombs on Damascus’ strategic military targets in response to the 1300+ chemically assassinated civilians two weeks ago. Obama wants to spank Syrian president Assad for the killings despite having unanimous universal Politics_sexrejection of the plan from every nation on the planet except our own asshole Prime Minister -Harpo, The Marxist Brother.

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