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Pat Blythe – Extremes: Rival Sons, Eagles of Death Metal and…Robbie Lane

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It’s been busy the past few weeks. What with fighting that ghastly, intrusive flu/cold (whatever the hell it was) while still cruising the concert halls and clubs, celebrating a special day with my sons and generally trying to keep in or out of trouble….. depending on your point of view. I’ve also been rooting around in the basement searching for more of Chris’s work and I discovered not only his collection of slides but a brand new, unopened box containing a Kodak (remember them) slide projector complete with three carousels and a carousel stack loader. Never used. I cracked it open, plugged it in and everything worked like a charm. Now, if I can just remember how to put the slides in…..I keep getting them backwards or upside down. So I continue to catalogue, digitize and view slides. My drum stool just got delivered (thank you Kid Carson) so now, instead of sliding across the floor every time I use the kick drum, I’ll stay put.

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This week I went to the streets (aka Facebook) and asked my adoring fanbase what topics I should write about. Some great responses came in and I’ll be tackling most of them over the coming weeks. Max Brand of Toronto wanted me to talk about some of the worst organized shows from my days in the biz. For the most part I’ve been to very few MAJOR concert shows that were cluster fucks – Alice Cooper’s riot and the power outage at Maple Leaf Gardens during his make-up show the following year not withstanding. Few people become victims of concert riots or tornadoes/weather .

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