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Pat Blythe – Celebrating Anniversaries……and music

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Well….I have three anniversaries this month. As of this writing on February 15, thirty-six years ago today, I married my sweetie. First wedding (and reception) ever held in Sparkles. For those of you old enough to remember, Sparkles was THE de rigueur lounge, club and disco in Toronto at that time. I have no idea what possessed me to book the place for a wedding! Maybe availability, maybe because it was an “all-in-one” since there was a restaurant below that would cater….who knows? Cost of the wedding, including food and non-alcoholic beverages, $1,350 for 65 people. One thing I’ll never forget…..the best man wanting to begin a speech with, “today, Chris got married in a place higher than he is”.

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Pat Blythe – St. Valentine…A Little History

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Valentine’s Day and it’s all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….every nook and cranny of social media, peeking quietly out of the shadows or screaming in your face. The stores began leading up to it the second Christmas was over. For many the day is the perfect time for a celebration of each other, a reconnection and strengthening of the bonds of togetherness. A special day set aside so they can canoodle to their hearts content. For others it’s a painful reminder they are alone whether by choice or happenstance…and there are many others who simply don’t care….it’s just another “Hallmark” day.

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