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Segarini: The Yearly Assault on My Liver Begins – CMW 2015

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It’s easily the real first sign of Spring.

For 30 years it took place during the snow and ice encrusted March Winds, a situation many of us whined about for…well…30 years.

Last year our dreams came true and our hopes and prayers were answered.

Canadian Music Week moved from the Icy Clutch of March, to the more civilized and warmer Embrace of May.

Not exactly Pina Colada weather, but light years better than huddling together around a make-shift fire in an oil drum to stay warm while trying to smoke a cigarette before it froze to your fingers and went out.

…now if we can just keep them lit before the rains put them out….


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Segarini: Xpriming CMW, Liver Damage, and a Bobcast Update

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BobThe annual Canadian Music Week rollercoaster ride has finally looped its last de loop, the cars have all been packed away, and the lights turned out and the tent folded until the carnival sets up again next year. As of this writing, there have been no reports of serious casualties, no reported marriages or pregnancies, and so far, no signings of fresh faced bands from hither, thither, and yon to a gung-ho label/management/agent ready to unleash them on an unsuspecting world. There was, however, enough music, parties, and open bars to kill Keith Richards, most soccer hooligans, and myriad hockey dads.


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Segarini: Chick Singers and a Few Good Men you May Have Missed Part Two – Delaney and Bonnie

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Part One can be found here.

Of all the artists who have made serious contributions to the advancement of popular music, Delaney and Bonnie stand out as the most overlooked, underappreciated, and sadly unheralded in all but a few tiny circles. There has never been an effort to even have them ensconced in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (except for Delaney and Bonnie’s kid’s petition after Delaney passed away in 2008), and considering some of the artists who HAVE been inducted into Jann Wenner’s Hall of Successful Musician/Celebrities Who Everybody is Aware Of, that…is a travesty. Why do I believe that? Read on….


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