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Jade Dunlop: The Old Apartment

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , , on October 23, 2013 by segarini

Editor’s Note: One of my favourite people on this Mudball fills in for the missing Nadia Elkharadly today with a personal and bittersweet recollection of a much loved time and place. Welcome her back to DBAWIS, and enjoy a great read from a great writer. Ms. Jade “Pie” Dunlop may visit us here anytime she likes….

PieWe like to think of the past as something ancient – something so untouchable that it comes across as unfathomable to our present minds. Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia;  these are thousand year old dynastys that we discover soley though textbooks and the odd Wikipedia article. However, in all realistic possibilites, our past is merely seconds behind us. The moment you started reading this article is now the past. Will you ever get it back? No. Thus the unstoppable current of time keeps sweeping us off into the distant ocean of the future. Yet, it still feels so unreal. There is no proof to show that you are 30 seconds older than you were since you began reading. Your computer is still the same. Your home still feels as it did when you began. No empires have risen and fallen. No moons drifted out of orbit. The past stills feels like it is measured only in  millennia – not seconds. However, the past is always closer than we think.

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