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Throughout that wild and wacky A.D. 2020, one disc seemed to somehow find itself repeatedly, and most happily so, upon the ol’ Pig Player. A disc which via a mere 21 tracks in under 69 minutes presents an ideal, not to mention idyllic picture of two musical careers which, cannily overlapping more often than not, displays all that was/is unfailingly, musically sound; all that’s, in actual fact, proper with Pop.

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Roxanne Tellier – Come The Revolution

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A friend of mine is looking forward to retirement, after being with the same company for nearly 40 years. She’s been there through the formative years, and the technological shifts that overtook them in the past three decades.

Since she’s in Human Resources, she’s privy to information that was never committed to either paper or computer files. This year, her work colleagues are basically downloading all of the insider information that only she can divulge, siphoning off her knowledge and memories of the people and actions that created the agency she’s helped to build and maintain.

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Darrell Vickers: Guess Who’s Not in the Hall of Fame

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darrell-vickersAnytime anyone has put pen to parchment or thumb to I-phone to craft a well-intentioned list of things meritorious, people have lined up for days to ladle the cold and lumpy vomit of their disgust down the back of that individual’s shirt collar.   Today is no exception.  Pull out your shirt collar, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, because I’ve got my whisky-barrel-sized ladle and it’s full to brimmin’ with the icy cold sick of my discontent.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC`s Of Rock`n`Roll – The Hall Of Shame

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Last week we looked at the long list for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013. You know my thoughts and we`ll see what happens come December.

I have been to Cleveland a few times and have had a chance to go to the Hall of Fame on a couple of occasions. Maybe it is because I was Director of Marketing for the Hard Rock Café in Canada and have seen some of the greatest rock memorabilia of all time that I was not completely blown away by their collection. Maybe we are spoilt because there are great pieces all over the world and they are on public display.

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Darrell Vickers: South of the Border, Down Status Quo Way

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If you could walk inside your own ear and travel back to the very first sound you ever heard, what would be some of the stops you’d make along the way?  For me, one of those stations would have to be the beneficent and glorious wire racks of used albums at Star Records, in the ever-so-humble town of Oshawa. (Miraculously, the store is still there, so hie on down!)  Oh, the many hours I would spend inside that noble sound emporium, sifting through the aural dross in search of precious slices of black gold, containing cheap, non-scratched-to-shit, auditory feasts of ultimate transcendence.

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