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Pat Blythe – Mariposa 2019 …Day One …and Music!

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What an EPIC weekend!! The weather, except for a couple of 15-minute downpours on Friday, was gorgeous nicely covering all three H’s…, hazy and humid. So humid I felt like a piece of flypaper…..everything was sticking to me. A dive into the lake was sorely tempting. On the flip side, with no more rain in the forecast, people, little ones and big ones, were out in droves. In fact, it was another record-breaking year for the Mariposa Folk Foundation.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – Christmas Part Two

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Shanghai Aug 2012Before we go back to the Christmas playlist let’s recap the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame Class of Class of 2013. When the long list was revealed a few months back I predicted who would, and wouldn’t, be inducted this year. With the exception of Deep Purple I was pretty close to the mark picking my top five as Deep Purple, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer and Rush. All but the mighty Deep Purple were given the nod as well as the late guitarist Albert King and Heart. Congrats to all.

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