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Pat Blythe: For The Love Of The Guitar

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Tuesdays are “writing day”…..supposedly. Then all hell breaks loose. Why can’t it be on Monday, or even Wednesday AFTER I’ve filed my column? Deep breath…..inhale. It’s the exhale I sometimes forget. Okay, crank up the music. Ah, there’s nothing a little two-step around the kitchen floor that won’t cure whatever ails ya. ….and breathe….. Way behind on photo reviews and albums, so much to do, so little time. …and now for the column, something a little different.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Jim Colegrove, The Early Years; Small Label Magic; plus the oh so magnificent Notes…..

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FrankJr2His name is Jim Colegrove but I know him by his AKA, Coolgroove, because that is how I want to know him.  He’s no youngster, a few years older than myself (I’m a fossil), and has been a guitar playing fool all of his adult life and most of his childhood.  If I asked him if he thought when he was young that he would be still playing today, I am sure he would say no.  It was a dream back in the fifties when he got his first guitar.  He has relived that dream every day since because when he isn’t playing music, he’s thinking it.  He got the bug early and the reason I’m telling you is that I got the bug too.  I had a chance to live it but in those days you had to be a special breed to stick it out.  I had the talent.  I just didn’t have the discipline.  Jim had (has) plenty of both.

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