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Bob’s Annual Mother’s Day Tribute – Don’t Forget Your Mother

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Once again, May brings Mother’s Day, and Hallmark Holiday or not, it is a day of sadness, fondness, and joy that I look forward to every year. With rare exception, a mother spends her life protecting, encouraging, and informing yours. She is the first defense against that which could harm you, and the last person to judge or abandon you. She is a rock, a mentor, a teacher, and a cheerleader…and when your Mother can stay no longer, she leaves her presence and her voice to keep you safe and to guide you even in her absence. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother in this world with you, make every moment count. If she has gone ahead, remember her well, and let your tears and your laughter envelop you and comfort you.

Let me introduce you to my Mother….

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Segarini – My Life as an Indoor Cat Part Two; Surviving Woodrow Wilson and Commodore Robert Field Stockton

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Part One can be found here

There were two passions that drove me forward when I was young, and by ‘young’, I mean YOUNG.

Music…and reading.

Unfortunately, this was during a time when children were encouraged to leave the house and stay out of mom’s hair as often as possible.

Why stay in when there was a whole world out there to explore?

Mom needs to concentrate, cook, clean, chat on the party line, or drink vodka out of a coffee cup.

Junior and Sis might get hit by a car, abducted by Aliens, or eaten by Dinosaurs…but the laundry would be done, the roast would be in the oven, and Mario’s Evil Twin would perish in a freak accident on Days of Our Lives.

If the kids get in trouble, the cops will bring them home….

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Segarini – My Life as an Indoor Cat Part One

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I have never been an outdoors-y kind of guy.

I prefer carpets and hardwood and asphalt to sand or dirt, air conditioning to humid or arid air, lights that can be turned up, dimmed, or turned off completely on a whim, instead of blazingly bright or squinty dark and unswerving in its self-serving totality.

There are exceptions of course.

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Segarini: My Dad – Father’s Day 2017

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Seg My Dad and I

This is the 8th annual printing of a column I wrote in tribute to my father for  Father’s Day. It is my pleasure to share my Dad with you.

 I miss my parents a lot, and I never got to thank my dad for all he tried to teach me, all he tried to instill in me. If your parents are still alive, your grandparents, even your aunts and uncles. call them up today, tell them you love them, and cherish the ability you have to tell them first hand. Someday, they will all be gone, and even though you will hear their voices and feel their presence for the rest of your life, there will be times when you experience a longing, and an ache so profound, that you will wish with all your heart you could see them again and let them know how much they meant to you. Family is more important than any other aspect of your life…don’t ever forget it.

Happy Fathers Day, Pop…I miss you…and I love you.

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Segarini: Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day 2017

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Here’s hoping I can post this without too much trouble. I have been having a lot of problems with my computer and its access to the internet. However, I feel confident that the issues will be resolved and all will be rainbows and unicorns again soon.

This is my annual Mother’s Day column about my Mom. I hope it reminds you of yours and brings back some great memories and some stories to share with those you love, and those who loved your mom as much as you do. If your mom is still around, give her a big hug, and a kiss, and tell her that you love her. That’s the one present your Mother will always welcome from you…and the best one you can ever give.


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Segarini: Rerun – The Fat City Chronicles 2 – Short Stories about Long Ago

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22. Bob on a bar stool

Time for another rerun about my hometown. Was reminded of the story of Cold Red yesterday, and took it as a sign to find and post this nostalgic look back. Things have not been great for me lately…for a lot of us, really. Tough times come and go like the weather, but being able to look back on a life well lived, and the people and places that made you who you are and brought so much joy into your life will always be there to remember. I hope you have memories that mean as much to you as these do to me.

I am one lucky son of a bitch….

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Segarini – The House Was Rockin’ and My Mom Was Rollin’

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Bob and Vanilla Cone

This week has been a difficult one. An anniversary of a tragic event in California, the insanity of millions of people blindly following a completely failed human being and giving nary a thought to his worthlessness, and a continuing nostalgia-driven blockade of great new music and artists by those who actually believe nothing of worth has been created since the end of the ’70s.

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