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Segarini – Jolly Olde Saint Bob’s Christmas Music List and Magical Memories

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Amy Christmas 1979

Amy Segarini – Christmas in Stockton 1979

I can’t remember the last time I spent Christmas with Family.

…and I can’t remember the last time I spent Christmas with my daughter…and I have never spent Christmas with my Grandkids.

…but I am spending Christmas with Amy, Tilda, and Marshall THIS Christmas…and you have no idea how incredible and wonderful that is.

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Segarini: Alphabet Soup Part Two – And a Note From My Mom

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Bob and Vanilla Cone

Here’s Part One. If you haven’t read it yet, read it now.

Now then…first things first.


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Segarini: Sports. Sports? You Heard me, Sports!

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Bob at 13

Traditionally, Sunday is the end of the week in most parts of the world, but most of us think of the end of the week as Friday. Friday is when the work stops and the ‘fun’ starts. You can park your ass in front of the flatscreen, dig in the garden, fire up the barbecue (or the space heater, depending on the weather), go out that night and hear some tunes and get faced in a bar with your friends, or blow off steam either playing or attending some sort of sports. Hmmm…sports….


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Segarini – I Want….

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My Kiddles

One thing I have learned from the Internet (aside from realizing that we have access to every bit of information, both true and false, that exists in the known universe) is that not many of us seem to be very happy. We don’t like the way our lives are going, the way things are run, or the seemingly endless parade of ridiculous events and idiotic statements attributed to people, that may or may not be true. Common sense is dead or dying, and the voice of reason is tiny and can barely be heard through the cacophony of those who shout it down


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Segarini: Happy Father’s Day 2015 – My Dad

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This is the seventh annual printing of a column I wrote in tribute to my father for  Father’s Day. I miss my parents a lot, and I never got to thank my dad for all he tried to teach me, all he tried to instill in me. If your parents are still alive, your grandparents, even your aunts and uncles. call them up today, tell them you love them, and cherish the ability you have to tell them first hand. Someday, they will all be gone, and even though you will hear their voices and feel their presence for the rest of your life, there will be times when you experience a longing, and an ache so profound, that you will wish with all your heart you could see them again and let them know how much they meant to you. Family is more important than any other aspect of your life…don’t ever forget it.

Happy Fathers Day, Pop…I miss you…and I love you.


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A Segarini Scrapbook of Awesomeness and Oddities For Modern Boys and Girls

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Bob Calls it In

My CMW wrap up will be posted on Friday. In the meantime, I want to share with you the joys of my life, some interesting music, some snapshots from the far distant past, and a few bon mots culled from endless research and the Facebook Newsfeed. Yes…the Facebook Newsfeed…where rumour, satire, and stupidity are taken as news, fact, and truth. Let the LOLing begin….


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Segarini: My Mom 2015…and a CMW update with Rival Sons

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Rivals and Friends

The amount of things to see and do at CMW has become an overwhelming smorgasbord of choices and options that makes your head ache and your feet swell…and your liver angry.

Angry Liver.

I have one.

There is no getting around the fact that if just the music options were available over a period of a year instead of 10 days, you could see 3 bands a night, damn near every night, for 12 months.

Good luck seeing 1000+ bands in 10 days…and taking in the panels…and seminars…and award shows…and parties…and eating…and sleeping…and other stuff.

There should be a Depends booth in the hotel lobby….


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Segarini: Obli-Dee, Obli-Da

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Bob 2015

I remember the day she showed up on my doorstep.

Swaddled in Styrofoam, and gently cradled in a large cardboard manger, she was delivered by a man all dressed in brown, a small patch on his shirt with the letters ‘UPS’ emblazoned in gold lettering over his heart. He handed me an electronic clipboard and a stylus attached to it by a miniature bungee cord and said, “Sign here.”

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Segarini: Kim Fowley Part Two – The King of Hollyweird

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Bob 2015

Part One “A Hick in Hollywood” Can be found here.

America has always had a place in its fickle little heart for novelty songs.

Songs like (I’m) Henry the Eighth (I am) , Who Let the Dogs Out, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer are just a few you may be aware of, However, novelty songs go back a lot further than those three.

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Segarini: Kim Fowley Part One – A Hick in Hollywood

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Bob at 16

All the world loves an Oddball. The history of Pop Culture is full of creative iconoclasts and nutcases, drama queens and bad boys, deviant dilettantes and dangerous dreamers. Taken at face value, they more often than not get a chuckle and derogatory and sarcastic evaluation from most of us, and then end up affording us the pleasure of unique viewpoints and out-of-step entertainments that not only catch our attention, but alter both the creators and consumers of popular diversions.

On January 15th, 2015, we lost one of the last, great, madmen of music. A boy in a man suit that was such a freak, even Frank Zappa didn’t want him in the Mothers of Invention.

…but he performed on the Freak Out album anyway.

What the Freak wants, the Freak gets.


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