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YouthInAsia1CHAPTER 1 – We’re Moving Targetz…and You’re Sitting Ducks

April will be the 30th anniversary of the formation of my second “successful” band MOVING TARGETZ. Technically, the band already existed before I insinuated myself into the line-up. I merely co-opted the players and renamed them. The story you’re about to read is true. Moving Trgets logoThe names have not been changed because people really like to see their name in print. It’s what musicians live for if not for the monetary pittance.

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Jaimie Vernon – Life’s A Canadian Rock: Part 10

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When last we visited our intrepid Pickering, Ontario punk band The Swindle it was the fall of 198 and bassist Tim James, singer Ivan Judd and guitarist Jaimie Vernon had finally found a drummer in former high school mate Jason Clarke….


With a new, permanent, drummer in the band rehearsals began in earnest for our re-launch as a live act. It also meant tweaking the band’s songs and image. Between Tim James and Ivan Judd the decision was made to distance ourselves from the Sex Pistols and the movie ‘Great Rock and Roll Swindle’ where we had originally extracted our name The Swindle.

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Jaimie Vernon: Life’s A Canadian Rock – Part 8

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By the time I’d returned from summer school and my 2 ½ weeks of work in 1980 my band’s drummer, Jim Greeley, had purchased his new Westbury drum kit. With the riches from my Canadian National Exhibition job burning a hole in my pocket, I bought myself an amp. It was very small portable 7 watt Yamaha G-5 guitar amp that wasn’t excessively loud but it was mine and we soon dubbed it The Lunchbox of Sound.

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Jaimie Vernon: Life’s A Canadian Rock – Part 6

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As the scholastic year invariably dragged on in Bullet Time TM, my best friend Gord and I continued writing songs with an eye to starting a new band by way of an interesting carrier pigeon solution. Because we only had homeroom and art class together, the only time we could actually work on melody was after school or on weekends with instruments in hand. But the lyrics were another pursuit altogether.

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