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Nadia Elkharadly: My Toronto

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Nadia LogoI’ve often called myself a Toronto snob.  I was born and raised in this city, and no matter where else I go in the world, I’ll always think of it as home.  I love Toronto so very much.  There’s no better reminder of how much I love this city than when visitors from far away places come to the city, and I get a chance to show them my Toronto.  Not the CN Tower, the Skydome (I will never call it by its other corporate name thank you!)  I’m talking about the fun little places that I have come to love, and love showing off to people who come to town.

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Nadia Elkharadly: The next big thing in 2013

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Nadia LogoWhen Cam wrote last week about the beauty of the list, I may or may not have stood up at my desk at my day job and given him a cheer.  Actually, all I did was smile and say an internal “yay, LISTS!”  As you may or may not have noticed in some of my past columns, I like to dabble in a little list making myself.  I also like to read other people’s lists (thanks Cam for sharing Now’s list and your own – I’ve got some record shopping to do!), and in my recent list reading adventures, I’ve noticed many people taking a shot at a little fortune telling.  The topic at which some writers are gearing their psychic powers towards has to do with what’s NEXT:  the “next big thing”.

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The Weekend Roundup: Mr. Bob Takes a Holiday…and the First Hint of The Wackers News to Come!

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Well, not really a holiday…just a few days off to take care of a pile of things I’ve neglected while sitting in front of the craptop and 2-finger typing my way into literary poverty. This column should be up early Thursday morning, and then you’re going to get 2 ‘best of’ columns before I return on Friday, April 29th. This Friday is Good Friday, which leads into Easter weekend, a holiday usually celebrated with a turkey or ham, brightly coloured eggs, (hard-boil them first, don’t learn the hard way like I did), chocolate bunnies (I saw a chocolate Thor at the Metro yesterday…Fox and Marvel are really milking this film), and a trip to Church. Kinda like Christmas without the presents. This year, Easter dinner might not be quite up to speed. Money is tight and the only turkey and ham in this house…is me.

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