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Segarini: The Art Of Touring 8 – No wonder there are so many cabs in NYC…

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Part 7 can be found here

Artist sketch: A New York Car Thief …or Nacho Libre.

Less than 8 hours in New York, and we’re down a truck, a car, a pantload of expensive gear, and I seem to be missing my Official  Forceps Roach Clip.

Now I’m mad.

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Segarini: The Art Of Touring 6: Hey! There’s where King Kong bought it….

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Part 5 can be found here

I don’t care how many times you have seen it, the sheer size and grandeur of the New York skyline from the George Washington Bridge is jaw dropping at the very least. The first time you see it…well, it is pretty much Christmas, Disneyland, and your first non-solo orgasm all rolled into one…with a touch of Impending Doom.

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