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Segarini: The BobChart Vol. 2 Episode 2 – The BoyBandChart

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This Chart is not based on sales, YouTube views, streaming, or downloads.

It’s based on shit I love.


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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 15

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

I find myself immersed in the fascinating and informative Ken Burns opus The Roosevelts, an intimate study of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, that proves, among other things, that not much has changed in the last 100 years. The good fights we fight now, are the same ones we were fighting then. The names change, the sides switch, and the issues grow and evolve, but basically, we continue to learn nothing from the past, and are doomed to repeat our mistakes again and again. That said, we are also blessed with repeating a lot of good things too…we just forget that some things shouldn’t change. We abandon the good with the bad, the baby with the bathwater, and the positive lessons learned are as quickly and easily forgotten as the mistakes we make. Nowhere is that more evident than in music, and the entertainment business in general. The good news is, eventually, the pendulum swings back, and the ideas and mindset that have always held true are re-embraced.


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Segarini- The BobChart – Week 11

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedThis weeks’ BobChart consists of nothing but current artists doing what they do so well, that I find myself searching for more and more new music every week. I am particularly sensitive to sharing the latest songs that have endeared themselves to me, because of a great deal of the responses to the Rival Sons columns informing me that music is NOT better than it has ever been, and that the tired, overplayed and overestimated classic rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s is a good as it will ever get.

Believe me, contrary to your T Shirt and the Meme…You have NOT heard “All the GREAT Bands….”


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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 10

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedIt’s hot, it’s humid, June is already in the rearview mirror, and Summer is flying by like a witch on a broomstick.

Here in Toronto we have been inundated (bombarded, really) with an amount of music and art that would deafen and blind most cities, but not Toronto. We LOVE music, we CRAVE music, we DEMAND music 7 days a week and have the venues and artists to prove it. You can bitch and moan all you want about the dearth of music and clubs in your town, you can whine all you like about how bad music is today, how shitty and stupid it all is, and you can bemoan the state of radio and despise your unfortunate luck of having been born too late to see and hear “The Great Bands” of yore.

Shut up.

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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 9

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedYou may have noticed a dearth of posts this week on DBAWIS, but I want you to know that there is a reasonable explanation for those of us who are Missing in Action.

The Annual NXNE  Music Overload and Liver Destruction Derby is in full swing.

If you have been wondering where Nadia, Emy, Cameron, and myself have been, we have been under various tables in numerous bars until 4:00 am every night for the past week trying to talk our livers (and our ears) into taking one more shot of tequila, one more 3-chord onslaught, one more beer ticket and one more deep-fried coconut battered prawn in the name of science, and to keep you, our beloved readers, up to date on all things Pop Culture.


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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 8

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedThis week’s BobChart is all about Summer and Respect. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s how it turned out.

It is also made up almost entirely of older tracks and guilty pleasures along with a couple of new items that caught my interest while searching out the latest releases and hoping there was something I liked that I could pass on to you. I know a lot of you are into rock and I do what I can to find that which fits my criteria (great song, great performance, fun or thought provoking) and am thrilled when there is a new Rival Sons track, another local breakthrough, or a band that is completely new to me.

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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 7

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedThe BobChart is made up of tunes I think you would like or songs I feel are worth listening to. Most will be current, some will be lost gems, others may be older songs you may have missed, and some will just be live tracks that bring it. At any rate…It’s the BobChart. There are no fixed positions in the chart, so I am not listing the songs in any particular order. These are PERSONAL favourites and what has my ear and attention this week. Popular music may come and go, but Great music is timeless. Some songs and performances never die or fade away….


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