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Pat Blythe – Comparing “notes”…..and music

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A great start to Tuesday morning! Mail call, and among all the real estate flyers, I spy the dreaded federal government envelope. My spine stiffens. Now what?? My brain spirals. Normally I would ignore it for as long as I reasonably could, barely avoiding jail time or another envelope with a nasty reprimand. The only thing worse than the first notice… the second. Coffee in hand and perched on the edge of my seat (literally), with great trepidation I open the envelope.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones - Copy
There’s a new Facebook challenge going around that asks people to choose the 12 albums that have “stayed with you” over the years. I’m not sure what they mean by that exactly. “Stayed with you” like your dog does when you’ve got a half-eaten bean burrito sitting unattended on your plate while you remote control your way through 177 channels on your TV set looking for a Season 9 marathon of the ‘Simpsons’? Or “Stayed with you” like a bad one-night stand that turned into a three-year commitment, a shared bank account and pink throw pillows on the bed you’ve had since Middle School?
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