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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones It was slice and dice time this past week at Corus Entertainment – a media conglomerate bloated with 3D printer versions of radio stations and formats that run the gamut:  talk radio, sports talk, business talk, knitting talk, pet talk, Hot A/C, Hot A/C light, Hot A/C dance, Hot A/C D/C, Adult, Slightly Adult, Slightly More Adult, Prematurely Adult, Classic Rock, Jurassic Rock, Pet Rock, New Rock, Modern Rock, Over The Hill Rock, and all fucking traffic all the fucking time.
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Nadia Elkharadly: Q107 – What are they thinking?

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I have to drive. A lot.  Luckily I have car that’s comfortable enough for the stupid amount of time I have to spend in it.  Somewhat unluckily, my car is too new for a tape deck, and too old for an auxiliary plug:  meaning I can’t plug my blackberry (which serves as my portable music device) to listen to my own personal soundtrack.  Therefore, I rely on commercial radio stations as well as cds to get me through my morning and afternoon commute.  Which brings me to my rant o’ the week:  WHAT IS IT WITH RADIO IN TORONTO?  Warning:  I am in no way professionally qualified to criticize radio programming.  This rant is brought to you from a place of crankiness due to lack of sleep, and extreme pickiness when it comes to music.

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