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Bob Recalls the Tale of Chops Dorfman and the Edison Twins, the insanely talented David Celia, and the Heavenly Voice of Rumer from England

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Portions of this column were originally written in 2011 and ran in another online music mag that still owes me 400 dollars and an apology.

It was a different time. People’s faces were on display for all to see. You had to go buy your own damn groceries. If you wanted a hamburger or a horrifically over-priced piece of chicken, you would have to leave your home, and using whatever you could as a conveyance, travel to a magical palace of burgers both cheesed and uncheesed, shakes of milk, and delicious, never crispy enough, fragments of the potato plant, or venture forth to the home of Bucket or Box, Southern or Cajun, for succulent flightless bird, mainly for the deep fried breaded skin of the now cluckless fowl. There were no Cardi B’s, no Pitbulls, no Eilishes or Megan Thee Stallions, and Weekend still had all its “e’s” And most importantly, an obese, malignant, amateur golfer, inhuman and demonic to a fault, had yet to rise in the East, turn a Grand Old Party into a festering pus-filled open sore of delusional pipsqueaks, and scare the prunes out of anyone with a moral core, empathy, humanity, and scruples.

It was August. …and I was busy remembering stuff ….

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Segarini – Q: “Hot Enough for You?” A: “Go Fuck Yourself”

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I hate hot weather.

I don’t hate many things, but I HATE hot weather.

I dislike things that are not to my taste, I rarely feel the desire to hate anything because it is negative energy, and negative energy is toxic. Life is too short to waste the energy, or allow negative thoughts to waste your valuable time, but with the exception of one human being I would love to see get run over repeatedly, shot, drowned, set on fire and eaten by wolves or household pets, I LOATHE hot weather…and be aware that murder statistics go up when it is 90 degrees or hotter.

It’s going to be triple digits this weekend.

…and make that TWO people I would love to see karma-lized and turned into an order of McNuggets….THEN get run over repeatedly, shot, drowned, set on fire and eaten by wolves or household pets

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Segarini – The Sebastian, Celia, Edison Twins and Rumer, Rerun!

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Bob as Sir William Stephenson

So damn cold and the weather has turned into a nightmare, and the news has been as grey and as dark as the sky, we have lost so many icons and creative individuals, and the new year isn’t even a month old yet.

This column was originally written in 2011 and ran in another online music mag. It was an impossibly hot, arid, stifling summer…so I thought being reminded of the heat would make you feel better about the cold.

Part Two of 2015 – The Age of Idiocracy will be here on Monday….


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Segarini: Flashback – Summer in the City August 2011

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Chops DorfmanDue to unforeseen circumstances, Doug Thompson’s column will not be running this week. Doug will be back in 4 weeks with his regular contribution, but today you will have to settle for a flashback from 2011. I chose this column to rerun for a couple of reasons.


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Segarini: Dear Diary – Rock and Roll, Estrogen in Film, and a Long Lost Song

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I’ve been so busy staying one step ahead of the bill collectors, looking for a new home (we have to move yet again at the end of June), sharing stories from my past with you, and editing the fine writers that entertain you here at DBAWIS, that I have not had time to share my current exploits with you, or even collect my thoughts about them and catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed. Today, we try to clear the desk of at least some of the latest adventures, and revisit a song I wrote 30 years ago that I have been desperate to find because I want to re-record it as part of a series of new recordings I’m going to start making as soon as I have the time (and the money). Anybody want to contribute?

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