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Bob Remembers Harry and Patty

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Some of the Harry Nilsson article was originally posted on FEBRUARY 25, 2009 and Updated on February 28th, 2019. The Patty Faralla addendum is brand new. New photos in both.

Covers of his songs were often more successful than his own, original, recordings. Ironically, the two biggest hits he ever had were written by Fred Neil, and Peter Ham.

That is sort of the story of Harry’s life …

He is probably the most underrated American songwriter of the last 50 years (other than me, of course), but his songs came from deeper than most writers are willing to dig.

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Segarini – Part Two: A Short Dissertation on the Cult of Sgt. Pepper and Why I am Totally Sick of The Beatles

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A Message from Bob – Thanks to my computer’s ongoing Carnival of Ever Changing Problems, this article has become a three parter instead of two. The pictures for this and the conclusion of the Sgt Pepper and Beatles Dissertation (no longer ‘Short’) will run as soon as possible next week, when this damn machine stays stable…wish me luck.

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Segarini – Part One: A Short Dissertation on the Cult of Sgt. Pepper and Why I am Totally Sick of The Beatles

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The Family Tree had just played a one night stand at Portland, Oregon’s Crystal Ballroom, a beautiful recently cleaned up and renovated dance hall on the 3rd or 4th floor of a landmark bldg, complete with floor to ceiling windows and a ball-bearing sprung dance floor that moved and undulated under the dancer’s feet.

It was the end of the night, and time to head to Hung Far Low for Chinese food, or back to the motel to get high or crash, just as soon as the Fugs (the headliners of the show) cleared their gear off the stage so we could tear down our PA and pack up.

It was just after 1:00am on the 31st of May, 1967

That’s when David Crosby walked into the ballroom with a 10 inch reel of tape under his arm….

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Segarini: Rerun – The Fat City Chronicles 2 – Short Stories about Long Ago

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22. Bob on a bar stool

Time for another rerun about my hometown. Was reminded of the story of Cold Red yesterday, and took it as a sign to find and post this nostalgic look back. Things have not been great for me lately…for a lot of us, really. Tough times come and go like the weather, but being able to look back on a life well lived, and the people and places that made you who you are and brought so much joy into your life will always be there to remember. I hope you have memories that mean as much to you as these do to me.

I am one lucky son of a bitch….

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Segarini: Music or Nostalgia…Which is It? Part 2 – 21 Beatle Songs I Don’t Mind at All…and 1 I Will Never Tire of Hearing

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Bob 1967

Earlier this year, on a whim, I posted this sentence in the Status Window on my Facebook Timeline.

“It wouldn’t bother me to never hear another Beatle Record.”

…Apparently, I am The Antichrist.


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Frank Gutch Jr_ Gott In Himmel!!! Is It Christmas Already? (A Collection of Reasons I Have To Be Grateful); Drew Gibson’s Shot Across the Bow; Clips From the SF Underground; and just a bit more…..

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Frank Pic

I got a message!  Yep, I got a message from someone who was not trying to steal my identity or sell me penis enhancement medication!  I mean, this does not happen as much as you would think, even with my superior intellect and excellent writing skills.  I am sure most of you picture me at a desk overflowing with fan mail— buried in it, in fact.

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Segarini: The BobChart – Week 12

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedThis week’s BobChart is kind of a special edition.

Many of you have sent some wonderful emails and messaged me on Facebook wanting to hear some of the music I have been fortunate enough to write and record over the years. Wanting to share some with you, I began to go through the available YouTube videos (WordPress asks for money if you want to use Mp3’s, but allows video links) and realized I had published many of them previously, so I set about to create some that NO ONE has seen. Most of the new ones in this column are just a snapshot or two so I could post the songs, but 1 or 2 are a little more filled out. Regardless, it’s just about the music anyway, so I hope you enjoy them.

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Segarini: The Obscure Bob – Blasts from the Past

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Thug BobI will assume many of you noticed a lack of new content here for the last 8 days. The reason was a frustratingly large amount of viruses, malware, and Dweeb driven shitbots that made posting anything dangerous until it was all found, quarantined, and/or deleted. I apologize for the lull, and have this to say about it….


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Segarini: Disneyland on Acid

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The Family Tree Signs with RCA

There were a lot of great reasons to sign a record deal with RCA back in the mid ‘60s. Aside from the whopping ‘3% of 90% of wholesale’ deal, (and you think illegal downloading is ripping off artists? HA!), which was standard at the time, there were a pile of bonus goodies that came with the servitude.

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Segarini: The Fat City Chronicles 2 – Short Stories about Long Ago

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I am in awe of how much there is to do in Toronto if you are looking for a reason to get out of the house or forget the work-a-day woes we all carry around with us like humps on the backs of our spirits. If you are honest with yourself you know that the whole ‘adulthood’ period we’re all supposed to embrace is a pack of lies and purposely inflicted on us by people who got older and don’t want us to keep having a good time when we’re able because they were taught the good times have to stop when you get married, or have kids, or get a mortgage or become burdened by responsibility and obligation.


That’s exactly when you should give in to your inner child and let your hair down once in a while, even if you don’t have much hair left.

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