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Segarini: Bring Out Your Dead Part Two – Solo No Mo – Death by Request and/or The Final Career Move

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Bob and Darth3

When you think about books, movies, and television whose stories and characters become franchises, one of the reasons for their continuing existence is the sound of a cash register ringing up sales and the effort itself attracting many eyeballs and return visits. What is strange is killing off a fictional character for no other reason than financial gain…or, in at least one case…a request from one person for no other reason than a personal desire to distance himself from the biggest reason he has a career….

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s Part 1 of Bring Out Your Dead


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Segarini – Bring Out Your Dead or Solo No Mo

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Bob Q107 1983

Facebook was a beautiful verdant meadow when I first signed up 8 or so years ago. A place where you could look for and find lost friends, renew relationships, reconnect with your old home town, meet new people, and be exposed to music and movies you either didn’t know about or had forgotten. I could hardly wait to go online and see what wonders awaited me…
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