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Peter and The Awards Season

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The entertainment awards season is in full swing a). The editor has already run his hat pin through the balloon of the Grammys, and he did his typical excellent job!

To add to what he wrote, the fact is that songs that win at the Grammys aren’t necessarily “classic” songs, in fact they aren’t necessarily even “good” songs. In an era when, for example, electronic devices can be programmed to “auto dial for downloads”, success, ( or the lack thereof ), at the Grammys does not equate with any actual artistic achievement. In fact much of the “main stream” music out there is pap, frankly.

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Segarini – About the Grammys….

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Everybody calm down.
The Grammys aren’t about MUSIC. The Grammys are about MONEY. PEOPLE who are about MUSIC listen to far more than what is put on parade here.
The Grammy audience was down 21%, this year, their lowest ratings ever. They don’t even know why they are tanking… but I may know a big part of  the reason.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Valentine’s Day – Post Grammy Edition

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How ironic that Saint Valentine’s Day should fall on a Tuesday this year, on the very day that my Don’t Believe a Word I Say column is put out there for all the world to see.  I’ve never been a Vday kinda girl.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never been very romantic.  Maybe it’s because the colour red looks terrible on me.  Or maybe because my father’s birthday falls on February 14th, so the idea of people being schmoopy and amorous on the day my dad was born is just kind of….icky.  Whatever the reason, I’ve never been a fan.

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Segarini: The Grammys

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You can blame the Grammys for this column being late. OR, you can thank the Internet and You Tube for this column even being written. Take your pick.

The thing is, I haven’t been able to watch an awards show since Hello Dolly won Song of the Year at the Grammys back in 1965, so I waited until I could access the performances and their surrounding detritus on the Intertoobz, thereby saving myself the humiliating experience of having to sit through countless minutes of self-aggrandizing back slapping, badly read teleprompter sincerity, and pseudo-edgy behavior from those who are as uncomfortable being there as I am just watching this parade of well-intentioned claptrap. Still, even watching the clips, I have to ask myself the time-worn (and totally irrelevant) question, Am I just too old for this shit?

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