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Roxanne Tellier – No Law Just Disorder

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Generally, writing about the continuing political clown show in America is more exciting than writing about what are often picayune matters in Canadian politics.

Canada has practically sailed thru the pandemic, in comparison to other countries. We’ve been lucky, overall, and much of that success is because the majority of us are happy to comply with regulations that will help stop the spread of the virus. Things could most definitely have gone much worse.

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Roxanne Tellier – Christmas Presents

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For the last several years, I’ve waxed nostalgic about Christmases past. It is to be expected – I am in the sandwich generation that remembers tales of real candles on real trees, while also remembering the first time my family considered an artificial tree. I can only partially relate to how holidays are spent in these times, in our fractured, fast-paced society which – to quote Oscar Wilde‘knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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Roxanne Tellier: Ghosts of Christmas’ Past

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Roxanne DBAWISAh, Christmas! Here you come again, you saucy temptress. We know each other well, you and I. We’ve spent so many years together, both good and bad, happy and sad, flush with cash, or miserably penniless. I know you in all of your beauty, but I also know your dark side.

December babies, like myself, are all too aware of the deviousness of parents who tell you that your birthday is very important, but just so very near to Christmas. They’ll catch you on the flip side, they say, and presents will rain down upon you like … rain. They lie.

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