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Darrell Vickers – What I Drank on My Holidays

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I have just returned from sharing some quality time with my beloved family in the fragile, water-staved ecosystem of central California. (Only if you live Los Angeles do you take a spring vacation in a place that is actually cooler than where you live.)

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Segarini: Don’t Show Me Your Big Ass, Show Me the Music

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There are times when I wonder why I have been so blessed as to have borne witness to, or been a part of, so many wonderful times and places centered around leaps forward in music and pop culture in general. If ever there was proof of “being here for a reason”, my good fortune seems to verify the thought’s validity.

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Segarini: Where to Begin….

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Jack Bauer and BobYes…that’s me and Jack Bauer. He kept me locked in a room for 2 weeks and questioned me about my involvement in a nefarious plot to overthrow the tiny country of Pottselvania with someone called ‘Borisandnatasha’. Fortunately, I was rescued by 2 agents code-named “Moose and Squirrel”. I asked Bauer to break one of my fingers so I could prove I was with him, but we were drinking at Cherry Cola’s and my fingers just bent back…wouldn’t break. You will just have to take my word for it.


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Roxanne Tellier – I Hear You Knockin’ …

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Roxanne DBAWISSo I’m trying to get some writing done the other day, and I’m in the Zone. The words are flowing, I’m typing frantically, and it’s all going so well, when suddenly … the phone rings.

Now, you may say, “Why did you answer?” You may say, “Were you expecting an important call?” But in actuality, when I’m concentrating very hard, I will often do silly things, whether it be answering a ringing phone, or opening the door to a salesman. I’ll forget that I’ve got some eggs on the stove, that have now gone from hard boiled to carbonized, or that I put the laundry in some three hours ago, and the sink has overflowed. It’s the nature of creativity, being in the moment, going with the flow.

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