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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Junos

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Cam as Chip

This Sunday evening the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will hand out the Juno Awards for the 45th time. The Saddledome in Calgary will be packed Sunday night as the awards go live to air at 7 PM Eastern on the CTV network. Making sandwiches for the luncheon honouring Canadian music would now be a year-long job for Stan Klees’ mom (a few old timers will understand).

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Cameron Carpenter – Past & Present Tens – Juno Where You’re Going?

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Cam Profile Pic

It was the annual get together of the old guard and the young guns as the movers and shakers of the music biz converged on the Phoenix Tuesday morning to hear the announcement for the 45th Juno Awards. It is always a fun morning and I look more forward to seeing old friends than hearing who the most recent nominees are. Most nominees will be forgotten in a couple of years, but the collection of people in the room has had a profound influence on my life and many have been good friends for almost forty years.

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Junos

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NadiaHappy February DBAWIS!  It’s been a great start to 2014 so far, aside from a few blips here and there.  More than anything it’s shaping up to be an exciting year for music, but new and familiar, and you know how excited music gets me.

For those of you not in Canada, not into music or just not on twitter, the 2014 Juno Award nominations were announced this week.  That’s Grammy in Canadian for all of you unfamiliar with the national canuck music awards.  And like with any award show, with nominations come controversy, and this year’s Juno picks were not without their fair share.  Take a gander at the nominee list here, while I will mosey on down the page to ruminate on a particularly contentious nomination.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – T

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Next week I will return to the T’s but right now I have a few…..


Seems to be a theme with most of those this week. I wrote this on Monday morning.

I couldn’t let this week go by without a few thoughts about both Whitney and the Grammy awards.

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