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Nadia Elkharadly: Great New Music

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NadiaI recently received some flack, and a lot of attention for a very ranty column I wrote.  One thing that struck me as funny is one particular piece of criticism that I received:  one commentor asked why I would choose to focus on music I didn’t like, rather than seek out cool new music that I could grow to love?  It’s always fun when people make assumptions about you without knowing you, since finding and talking about new music is my raison d’etre!  So I figured for this column, I would share some new and amazing music that I’ve recently come across, or have loved for a while, with all of you!


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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – That’s A Wrap

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Shanghai Aug 2012I never get sick. That being said I am sitting here sucking back chicken noodle soup and trying to fight off a flu which is usually far too nervous to invade my body. I shouldn’t have gone out on Monday as it started to set in but I had to drop by the NXNE Christmas party, stop by The Rivoli to wish my friend Todd Pinnell the best of luck of his new adventures as he said goodbye to his beloved club, pop into The Horseshoe to check out Sid Johnson and then head to the Bovine for their annual X-Mess Party.

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