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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Vinyl Season One

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Cam as Chip

Well I had to wait for the DVD to be released but I have finally seen Season One of Vinyl. I first heard about the HBO series a couple of years ago as Nigel Grainge and I grabbed lunch at the Imperial Pub after his keynote address at Indie Week. We were catching up on each other’s careers as we had not seen each other or worked together for years. At MCA I was the Marketing Manager for Nigel’s label Ensign and looked after everyone from The Waterboys and World Party to Sinead O’Connor, The Blue Aeroplanes and Stump. I immediately liked Nigel on first meeting and he taught me a lot about marketing and the music industry (as well as Arsenal). Before he started Ensign Records he worked at Phonogram in London and signed Thin Lizzy, 10 CC and The Boomtown Rats. He is a true music man.

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Segarini: Bob on Vinyl

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Bob Q107 1983


According to the first hour and forty-eight minutes of Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s poison pen letter to the radio, record, and music industries, people like myself and others who failed to hit the Big Time should thank our lucky stars.

I haven’t seen this many rich, miserable, self absorbed people in one place since the last time I watched Dynasty…and if you are too young to remember Dynasty, well…there’s always Empire, and like Greg Godovitz told me last night when he called me after the final curtain, “It’s Empire for Honkies!” True dat….


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