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Peter’s Tips for New Bands AND Why You Should Be There for Opening Acts

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This week, I’m going to look at ways that we, whether musician or fan, can promote indie music. These suggestions are based on my personal observations at shows, through my interpretation of other’s comments in various media and through my own thoughts about this topic. Although I will address the Greater TorontoArea as I am most familiar with it, most of these ideas should be applicable anywhere.

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Two Man Band

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Maybe I’m late to the party, but there are a LOT of two person bands out there!  Whether this is a new or old phenomenon, I’m not sure, but it fascinates me.  The traditional rock band set up usually consists, at the very least, of a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  Now, traditional and rock and roll are two concepts that don’t tend to go together very often.  Rock is about rebellion, about breaking barriers and most of all about challenging conventional notions.  Whether it’s dropping a bassist, dropping a guitarist, or just dropping convention, these bands are some of the two person (in most cases) that have caught my ear.

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