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YouthInAsia1 This week marked two important memorial milestones in Rock and Roll History. It was 51 years ago on February 9th that the Beatles walked into the homes of America –and the world – via ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. The other was the 56th anniversary of the Day the Music Died – with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper perishing in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 [in a sad coincidence, Holly’s bassist in The Crickets, Joe B. Mauldin passed away on February 7th this year]. I’m of the generation that neither event was contemporaneous to me. I can only measure their importance by the impact crater they left on pop culture…and music specifically.
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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – R You Ready?

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CamIt is the time of year when time is at a premium. With NXNE right around the corner and the full weight of the NXNE Film Festival on my shoulders I am going to take the easy way out for the next few weeks here at DBAWIS. Fortunately I am at the letters R, S, T in the next three weeks and there aren’t too many easier letters to find bands for. Quick lists for the next little while. As always please have a look or listen at what Bob magically drops in for each band. Full disclosure, I supply the words and Bob supplies the links and photos. I am surprised every Thursday at the images and videos he comes up with.

Ready to roll with the R’s?

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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band – Chapter Three

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Chapter Two can be found HERE

The plot, like good gravy, thickens…

So where were we? Oh yeah…The band is complete, A&M have bailed out, I no longer have Rita Coolidge or Graham Nash’s, or anybody else’s phone numbers, (my phone book, clothes, smokes, and everything else I had with me had been stolen in Detroit when I went there to produce The Romantics), which is why I never called anyone I had met prior to 1978 ever again,


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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band- Chapter Two

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Chapter One can be found HERE

Okay, where do I find musicians in this Burg?

Thanks to Martin Melhuish, I have access to a small, 8-track studio in the basement of Thunder Sound in Toronto.

Armed with a couple of songs I had written in the first version of The Segarini Band, and the beginnings of a couple more, I started spending time in Toronto looking for musicians and finish writing the new tunes. Money was tight. When I couldn’t afford a room, I had met a woman, (a friend of a friend), who had an apartment not far from the studio, who let me sleep on her couch if I babysat her kid while she ‘worked’, so I had a place to stay. Eating was another problem. Most of the time it was baloney or ham sandwiches or the kindness of friends, but on Saturdays I usually ate like a King…and drank like a fish.

How, you ask?

Like this…


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