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Vernon_Penny_LaneBy the time you read this, the latest Tween wallet milking franchise, The Hunger Games: Catching Syphillis, will have opened in Octoogleplexes the world over to record breaking box office glory for a second time. Not since someone glued a lightning HungerGamesbolt to Radcliffe’s forehead or sparkles to Pattinson’s nipples has there been such a nauseating ballyhoo from teenaged girls and creepy middle-aged women. Every aspect of the movie has been gleaned, dissected and analyzed by the fodder feeding media including the outrage by fans of the books that inspired the franchise who were shocked to find out that the black characters were portrayed on screen by…black actors!

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – R You Ready?

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CamIt is the time of year when time is at a premium. With NXNE right around the corner and the full weight of the NXNE Film Festival on my shoulders I am going to take the easy way out for the next few weeks here at DBAWIS. Fortunately I am at the letters R, S, T in the next three weeks and there aren’t too many easier letters to find bands for. Quick lists for the next little while. As always please have a look or listen at what Bob magically drops in for each band. Full disclosure, I supply the words and Bob supplies the links and photos. I am surprised every Thursday at the images and videos he comes up with.

Ready to roll with the R’s?

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Segarini: “Say, Isn’t that…?”

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Bob Hot WacksWhen I was growing up in Stockton California, music was the connecting tissue between friends, and one of the most important touchstones of our daily lives. Everybody listened to the radio. Everybody went to the dances and the house parties and brought their favourite 45s to share in basement rec rooms and around the pool. Everybody had transistor radios. Everybody went to the record stores and spent their babysitting or paperboy money on the latest records. We discussed our favourite artists and songs, we debated the worth of Elvis VS Boone, Beatles VS Stones, and everything in-between. We were ravenous…and constantly on the lookout for music that touched us, made us think, made us dance, made us alive…and kept us appeased until the next release from our current heroes.


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