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Bob Presents Peter Kashur – The Segarini Band Legacy and Bar Tab

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Peter Kashur is an annoyingly talented Renaissance Man from the unlikely womb of Thunder Bay Ontario, whose Culinary, Artistic, and Musical gifts cast a pall of inadequacy over his small circle of friends who tolerate his genius because his Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Ribs, and Vesper Martinis are to die for. He is my number one choice as my favourite companion for sitting on the porch drinking Bourbon, complaining about everything, bemoaning old age while being giddily thankful for it, and yelling at clouds. Mr. Kashur (known to his cadre of hooded followers as ‘Shew’) has been whining about the following for years …so I have decided to let him share his rage with you, thinking I would have the day off. Nope. Just repairing his lack of Capital Letters, random punctuation, and libelous rantings, kept me up most of the night. He has been a trusted and necessary musical compatriot and partner for 40 years. This is the least I can do. Seriously. I checked. It is the Least.

Please let me know if all the trouble was worth it. Anyway …here’s Shew.

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The Segarini Band vs The World

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Originally posted April 3rd, 2011….

Being in a rock band can be fun, rewarding, stimulating and an adventure. It can also be tedious, frightening, life threatening, and rife with danger. No matter how well you plan, no matter how prepared you are, there are forces at work which will occasionally just fuck you up. Sometimes, it can be someone who is a stranger, or worse, someone in the support system of the band who causes the problems. Sometimes…it can be you…and when I say you, I mean me.

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Segarini – Gotta Have Pop: Track by Track

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Before we get started…

I love my old bands. …and The Segarini Band remains special because it was the one (and only) that bore my name. The Segarini Band, after an aborted attempt failed to gel in Montreal after All the Young Dudes fell apart in 1976, finally came together for the A&M EP in Toronto a year later in 1977.

Thanks to Segarini Band guitar player Peter Kashur getting in touch with drummer Mark Bronson, Here’s more info on the how and why.

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Roxanne Tellier – On The Occasion of Robert Segarini’s Birthday

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Started writing these reminiscing’s on Friday morning, as the world awoke to the dawning of our Fearless Leaders 70th year on the planet. Trying to finish writing them while still nursing the remnants of a hangover, 48 hours after the Birthday Boy’s bash.

For Friends of Bob (aka … FOB’s)

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Segarini: The Obscure Bob – Blasts from the Past

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Thug BobI will assume many of you noticed a lack of new content here for the last 8 days. The reason was a frustratingly large amount of viruses, malware, and Dweeb driven shitbots that made posting anything dangerous until it was all found, quarantined, and/or deleted. I apologize for the lull, and have this to say about it….


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Segarini: The Story of The Segarini Band – Chapter One

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After 15 years of playing in bands, I finally decided to put my name on one…This is the story of what it took to get to the band you see above.

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Segarini: Seg’s Scrapbook – Snapshots and Stories for Modern Men and Women

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Well, hello there Dudes and Dudettes. Time for another stroll down memory lane to visit the past so we can embrace the present. Some of you may have seen this before (around 3 years ago) when I first published it in a slightly different version in a long-gone blog called FYIMusic. I’m sure for most of you, this will be something new. If, like Homer, you cringe when Patty and Selma bring over the slides from their vacations, you may be excused, grab a beer, and watch some television. For those of you who like to sit on the couch and look at pictures in a dog-eared scrapbook, pull up a chair and lean in. The stories start now…

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