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72971_10151385368241355_2050420389_nAs the media has been very cognizant of pointing out all week, Sunday, February 9th marks the 50th Anniversary of the night the Beatles stepped on stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan and destroyed America – one sobbing, hormone filled teenager at a time. It was a typical scenario that had become de rigueur to Rock and Roll dating back to the Elvis Presley hip swivel and even Frank Sinatra simmering blue-eyed allure before him. The media and parents alike were quick to write these four Liverpool lads off as yet another passing adolescent fad. But they were so wrong.

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Segarini: The Obscure Bob – Blasts from the Past

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Thug BobI will assume many of you noticed a lack of new content here for the last 8 days. The reason was a frustratingly large amount of viruses, malware, and Dweeb driven shitbots that made posting anything dangerous until it was all found, quarantined, and/or deleted. I apologize for the lull, and have this to say about it….


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Segarini: Canadian, Eh? Happy Canada Day!

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Bob SegariniThis is a slightly revised column from November of 2011. Thought I would share it with you gain because, well…even though I am supposed to be taking the week off, I’m not, so there will be a couple of new posts here later this week while the rest of the crew takes some much needed (and deserved) time off. Have a safe and happy Canada Day…I love you all. And yes…this IS the Greatest Country in the World…even if some of us don’t know it.

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Segarini: “Say, Isn’t that…?”

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Bob Hot WacksWhen I was growing up in Stockton California, music was the connecting tissue between friends, and one of the most important touchstones of our daily lives. Everybody listened to the radio. Everybody went to the dances and the house parties and brought their favourite 45s to share in basement rec rooms and around the pool. Everybody had transistor radios. Everybody went to the record stores and spent their babysitting or paperboy money on the latest records. We discussed our favourite artists and songs, we debated the worth of Elvis VS Boone, Beatles VS Stones, and everything in-between. We were ravenous…and constantly on the lookout for music that touched us, made us think, made us dance, made us alive…and kept us appeased until the next release from our current heroes.


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Segarini: The Home Tour Part Two

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scan0030Part One can be found here.

Ten years ago, if someone would have told me I’d be writing prose in my underwear and living in a high rise (not a fan of heights), I would have called them loony and had a good laugh. Seriously, who could have predicted this?

I can see Toronto and Canada’s Wonderland, and everything in between from my perch in the dining room here in Casa Bespin, and it is invigorating as hell. Stepping out onto the balcony makes you want to scream, “Top of the World, Ma!” and sometimes, when no one is here, I do….


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Segarini: The Home Tour Part One

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Bob SegariniWell, I know it’s been awhile and I apologize for that, but the Holidays are a tough time for me. That 2 week stretch at the end of the year always makes me look over my shoulder at what took place in the previous 12 months, and what, if anything, I had accomplished. The stress comes when I try and determine whether or not I had made my life a little better…or worse. This year, with the exception of the wonderful experience of working with the absolutely stellar group who contribute to this blog, and their dedication, hard work, and well-crafted columns, I seemed to have treaded water, not going forward or backward, even though there were big changes in my life. I got depressed. I don’t like being depressed….


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Nadia Elkharadly: How I met Bob and other Funny Moments

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I’ve been writing about music for a couple of years now, and have attended countless live shows.  Generally I like to take a buddy to this things, as it’s just more fun to have someone to drink with, chat with and sometimes commiserate with, depending on how good/bad the band is.  On one particular December night my show buddy wasn’t feeling well and begged off.  Left to my own devices, I braved the cold winter night and walked up to Dundas and Bathurst to check out a young group of musicians in a bar I’d never been to before.  The venue was the Hard Luck Bar. The band was Courage My Love.

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Segarini: Tales from Three Cities

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Stockton, California, Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario. These are  three of the six most important places in my life, Los Angeles and Eureka, California, and New York city being the other three.

In today’s column we visit a few of these places starting with some observations about Toronto, then off to Stockton and Montreal. Ice Tea or a cold beer will go nicely with the following….

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JAIMIE VERNON – Bomb the Vaults and Free the Tapes!

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During ten of the twenty-five years I ran Bullseye Records we focused on licensing and re-issuing Classic Rock and pop releases from the past. Generally it was a focus on albums that the public had loved and wanted re-mastered on CD. I approached the musicians that I knew who owned their own recordings (which is a rarity in Canada) starting with Greg Godovitz and Goddo. The band was able to enjoy a large resurgence and reconnection with their fan base as we rolled out and carefully marketed their 1977 self-titled debut, 1978’s “Who Cares?” and 1979’s “An Act of Goddo” plus their 1990s ‘King of Broken Hearts’ comeback record at the turn of the millennium. It wasn’t long before the fans were asking for a live record and a new studio album.

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Segarini: The Untold Story of The Duck Brothers

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It was a warm spring night in Northern California. A cool breeze blowing in off the Pacific Ocean wafted its way across the small seaside town of Eureka, through the lofty redwoods, and over the hills surrounding Ridoni’s ranch and eased across the porch of Wackering Heights. Though most of the occupants were otherwise engaged, William “Kootch” Trochim and I were hunched over the kitchen table working on our latest project. As the Pacific breeze stirred the wind chimes just outside the kitchen’s bay window, we put the finishing touches on our current obsession. No, it wasn’t a new song, album cover, or tour schedule. It was the blueprints and sketches of the USS Duckburg, The world’s first (and only) Helium fueled rock band Airship….

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