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Peter’s Sister Mary Matters

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I have always tried to live my life according to a number of tenets. Some are arguably limited in scope. For example, I view beer drinking as a perishable skill. Others are much more “pigeon-holed”, such as, despite what many of my military aviation buddies may think, I truly believe that a McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II in “Europe One” camouflage is a thing of beauty indeed.

Others are more universal in application, however. One of my nearest and dearest is that I have always tried to have strong women in my life, even if only on the periphery. Today’s column is about one of those women, my late sister Mary.

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Jaimie Vernon_ViletonesWe’ve crossed the threshold, folks. We’ve moved from living through the age of modern pop culture to turning it into precious gallery art by way of hedge funds. We’re cynics looking for the next tulip bulb market to turn bullish and are willing to strip mine our own nostalgia to do it. It’s Boomers with money to burn wanting to freeze-dry their childhood memories – and be the envy of nerd culture everywhere. It’s the ultimate revenge by people who got beaten up at school for wearing bell bottom pants and locking themselves in their rooms, donning headphones, and spinning a fresh-out-of-shrink-wrap copy of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ until Mom & Dad called for them to come to dinner.
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