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Pat Blythe – Tom Longboat and New Releases…Jeff Jones, Monowhales, OITC & Secret Broadcast…and Music!

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Yesterday was Tom Longboat’s 131st birthday. How do I know. Google Doodle. Longboat’s Iroquois name….Cogwagee…..part of the Onondaga which means Keepers of The Fire. Longboat was born in 1887 and raised on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford. Enrolled (a legal obligation under the Indian Act) at the Mohawk Institutional Residential School at the age of 12 he eventually escaped to an uncle’s home who agreed to hide him from the authorities.  A long-distance runner, Longboat is considered by many to be the greatest marathoner of all time.

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Pat Blythe – CMW 2016 Part 2 and Other Stuff

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Well, another week has just blown by and we are already half way through May. Where the hell is spring? I do believe Mother Nature has taken a detour. However, the beginning of “festival” season, music in particular, has started with a bang. CMW is the lead-in with the SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival running parallel and beyond. A bucket load of music is on tap this summer and folks are going to be hard-pressed to know which way to turn. So much to choose from and it will be happening all over the city, clear out to Hamilton and back. I’m not even including all the long weekend jams that happen in parks hither, thither and yon. Pick a few favourites, either local or long distance and settle in for the ride.

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