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Bob’s Long Weekend and a Cherry Anniversary

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I love summer weekends, especially long weekends when the weather’s great. Of course weekends often mean rain in Canada, but rain is just water and as long as it’s warm and the rain is clear and not white and fluffy, this weather is beautiful to me.

Living in Toronto offers the added bounty of cottage country, beautiful lakes and day trips to places some would give their eye teeth to have in such close proximity.

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Segarini – Three Top Tens

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It’s a beautiful Spring day. The birds are chirping, the bees are pollinating, the  irritated bowel syndrome is nowhere to be seen, the rent is paid, the hair is shampoo’d and conditioned, lunch awaits my ravenous appetite, celery prices are dropping, my SmartShare is working, kittens are amusing people all over the world, overpaid plumbers display their butt cracks with impunity, women are buying sundresses, you can still buy real meat, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives has been renewed for another 70 years, Mothers get their yearly day tomorrow, and the ONLY thing missing from your perfect day …is THIS.

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Segarini: Popularity – It’s Craptastic!

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It is everywhere. In the Government (both Federal and Local) in the corporations, the banks, on Wall Street, in medicine, food and drink, the music business, radio, television, movies, and the internet. No matter where you look, there is a Festival of Crap evident in every facet of our daily existence. We are inundated with shoddy this and tacky that, ill-advised laws, rules, and regulations, planned obsolescence and dumbed down entertainment. So why is there so much crap out there? The short answer? Because we love it.

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Bob’s Top Ten Terrific Tips for Today’s Turbulent Times

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Every day, I am asked for tips.

People will say to me, “Show me your Tips” when I’m walking down the street.

They  shout “Show me your tips” from passing cars and from shadowy doorways and once, from an open manhole.

Everybody loves a nice set of tips, and I suppose I owe it to them, to set aside my everyday chores and entertainments, and put fingers to keys and give the people what they want. So …take a good, long, look at my Top Ten Terrific Tips for Today’s Turbulent Times

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Bob Makes Excuses for His Excuses …Please Excuse Him

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Some of you may have noticed I have trouble posting my columns sometimes, some of you may not have noticed at all, and some of you may have noticed other things, like a change in the mood of Canada or a growing concern over the long term effects of Kale on your sexual performance, or the fact that Sportsball teams can be as disappointing as the new Adele single. Of course, if she was always a disappointment to you, the letdown is far easier…like the Sportspuck team from Toronto.

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Bob Explains Easter Yet Again While Mary Magdalene Spins Plates While Balancing on a Ball and Skipping Rope

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Father Bob cropped

Editor’s Note: An annual event for boys and girls who believe in rabbits laying eggs, Spiral Cut Ham, and dressing up for a parade. Originally posted in 2015 but with some minor changes, expect this column to run every year on Good (why is it good…everything is closed) Friday. Yay Jesus! …and pass the mashed potatoes.

It’s that time of year again.

Get out your traditional Chocolate Bunny Shot Glass and bottle of Easter Tequila, put on your Wooden Cross brand Easter Bunny Onesie, put the dog out, and lock the kids in the basement.

It’s time to get your Jesus on….

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Segarini: Raising Amy – The Annual Hippo Birdie Two Ewes 2019

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Editor’s Note – Amy’s Birthday Week 2019!
My daughter celebrates a birthday on Wednesday, and to mark the event, I am re-posting this column as I do every year, to share my love for her with you and the joy she brings to me and everyone who knows her. Lots of new picture …and as always …Lots and Lots of Love.
Love you Ames …you will always be the light of my life. – Daddy

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