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JAIMIE VERNON – How Do You Sleep?

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Promo Shot_Twilight Zone_thumbI’m tired. I’m really effin’ tired. It’s the “I’m so tired that I can’t even roll off my lover and rudely fall asleep beside her because I’ve already rudely fallen asleep on TOP of her tired.” [admit it, you’ve done this…at least ONCE.]

I started a new job in February.  And it’s sapping the fiber of my very being. I’ve had jobs that have made me tired before. But they were office gigs where the exhaustion was mostly mental – from dealing with asshat employers and bigger asshatted customers. In my current job I work alone, but for the first time in 30 years of employment I’m Horsesactually working. Up at 4.30 AM and usually home by 5 or 6PM. Eight to nine hours of driving and walking. When I finally get home I eat dinner, stare blankly at photos of cute cats, idiotic diatribes about Monsanto, Rob Ford, hockey and Chemtrail conspiracy theorists on Facebook. It’s all I can do to keep Mr. Sandman at bay. By 9PM I’m done. I haven’t accomplished much except kiss the cat and pet the family good night.

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This week I went to the streets (aka Facebook) and asked my adoring fanbase what topics I should write about. Some great responses came in and I’ll be tackling most of them over the coming weeks. Max Brand of Toronto wanted me to talk about some of the worst organized shows from my days in the biz. For the most part I’ve been to very few MAJOR concert shows that were cluster fucks – Alice Cooper’s riot and the power outage at Maple Leaf Gardens during his make-up show the following year not withstanding. Few people become victims of concert riots or tornadoes/weather .

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