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Segarini: Award Shows, Van Gogh, the Day I Was Born, and Some Birthdays

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A Message from Bob –Yet another rerun, but this one has been heavily updated. The reason I am having trouble writing new ones, stems back to December 15th when many of us lost an old friend and good man, Dave Bailey. The tentative date for the Celebration of Dave’s life is Sunday May 14th. The Carpet Frogs (who are also Burton Cummings touring band) are the house band for the event, which will feature other artists that Dave worked with in the past. The date may change a week in either direction, and as details are finalized, I will be updating the information. …and now…on with the show…or your shoes, whichever you prefer. ..and put on some pants.

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Jaimie Vernon_ViletonesWe’ve crossed the threshold, folks. We’ve moved from living through the age of modern pop culture to turning it into precious gallery art by way of hedge funds. We’re cynics looking for the next tulip bulb market to turn bullish and are willing to strip mine our own nostalgia to do it. It’s Boomers with money to burn wanting to freeze-dry their childhood memories – and be the envy of nerd culture everywhere. It’s the ultimate revenge by people who got beaten up at school for wearing bell bottom pants and locking themselves in their rooms, donning headphones, and spinning a fresh-out-of-shrink-wrap copy of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ until Mom & Dad called for them to come to dinner.
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