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Justin Smallbridge: Radio Redux

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justin_Smallbridge_headshot_01Mad Men is back, which is great. In addition to the multilayered work of Matthew Weiner and his cohorts on the series, the accompanying history and popular culture are concomitant joys of that show; it’s fun to work out when a particular episode is set and run down the attendant details. Season 6’s opener, “The Doorway,” happens at the end of December, 1967. “Hey,” some folks said, “What about the Summer Of Love”? Having Season 5 end before it started and Season 6 starting after it was over was a deliberate choice Matthew Weiner made, and it’s not tough to see why. The Summer Of Love happened in San Francisco — miles away, both geographically and psychically, from Manhattan, Rye NY and Madison Avenue specifically. Weiner said his specific reasoning for that choice was that the come-down and “hangover” offered a richer range of dramatic possibilities than the groovalicious summer months of 1967.

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Justin Smallbridge: Radio Radio

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justin_Smallbridge_headshot_01Who listens to radio?

And how?

Stan Freberg

(assisted by Sarah Vaughan and Quincy Jones) asked that question musically and comedically in 1965 for the Radio Advertising Bureau.

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Segarini: Radio’s Unpredictable Trajectory

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I’ve been listening to the radio since the late ‘40s, and the one thing I’ve learned over the years is that radio’s longevity has more to do with its connectivity to the community it serves, than the content it shares.

Before radio, if you wanted entertainment in your home, the only choice you had was this; A Short History of the Phonograph Record, and as you can see, it was more practical to have a boatload of kids and force them to learn how to play musical instruments, put on plays, and comb the neighborhood for gossip and news, then make the little hiccups share the wealth, or they wouldn’t get dessert, or in extreme circumstances, dinner.

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