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Darrell Vickers – Oh, You’re Back

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From California to Coventry

As Inquisitionally torturous as traversing the U.S. of A. by bus had been heading due west, at least our ultimate destination was the undisputed entertainment capital of the world. Andrew and I were now being forced to endure the very same 72 hour crucible, trapped inside an unhygienic, glaciated stink-pit, just to get back to Oshawa. Clearly, we were being subjected to unspeakably cruel and unrelenting retribution for the simple crime of intermittently enjoying ourselves.

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Darrell Vickers: Planes, Damaged Brains and Automobiles

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“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” If this were true, I would have been able to lift Kim Kardashian’s ass over my head with one hand by the time I had survived Thicke of the Night.

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