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Segarini: When Radio and Records Ruled the World Part 8 – “Don’t you ever sleep?…and get a haircut!”

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Part 7 can be found here

If you weren’t there, It is hard to imagine the upheaval caused by the emergence of The Beatles from Liverpudlian obscurity to the world stage in late 1963 to late 1964. For the first time since Elvis Presley, a musical force had come along that reverberated past the walls of record stores and the radio speakers it emanated from, and influenced fashion, style, and social behavior. The Beatles influence reached far beyond what Elvis’s music had wrought. Not only did it affect those things Elvis’s reinvention of Blues and Country had impacted on, they reinvented rock and roll itself, and their approach to music caused some musical historians to excitedly hypothesize that they had not only built on what had gone before, but actually created a new form of expression heretofore unheard…and here we just thought they wrote good songs and had cool hair.

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