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Skip Prokop and his band The Paupers were on their way to the ‘big game’ when they had two back-to-back blows. Their appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival in the summer of 1967 was an unmitigated disaster and the band’s long-time Canadian manager, Bernie Finkelstein, left the group in the hands of U.S. Uber-manager Albert Grossman. Grossman wasn’t going to let these setbacks slow the band down. In fact, he had the guys become surrogate backing musicians for several artists in his illustrious music stable. This would prove to be the undoing of The Paupers as Skip found himself attracted to working with big name acts:

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Segarini: The Martha Reeves Incident

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Cameron Carpenter, our Toronto Music Maven, is out of commission for this week and possibly next, or rather his laptop is, sooo, unable to find a fill in writer for today, I am once again going to spin a tale from the archives of columns I have written over the years.

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