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Roxanne Tellier – I’ll Take White Fragility for $300 Alex

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Earlier this month a meme starting going around that made a lot of people feel uncomfortable. The meme asked people to acknowledge that overcoming inherent bias, prejudice, and all the ‘isms’ was an ongoing thing, and that we are all ‘works in progress.’

I’m so tired of those that virtue signal, with various #NotAllWhatever hashtags. To hear these paragons of wounded nobility talk, they are the ‘exception that proves the rule,‘ because they’ve always treated women well, and never failed to give anyone of any creed or colour whom they’ve encountered, the same pure and unadulterated dignity, respect and opportunities as those that look just like them.

I rather think that anyone who COULD claim such innocence, is unlikely to ever do so.

As quickly as the meme travelled thru the internet webs, it just as quickly disappeared, which is an interesting commentary on how society is struggling with what those on the political right are calling ‘cancel culture.’

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Pat Blythe – Interpretation….Racism….White Privilege – (bet that caught your attention!)….

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This column was supposed to be about London Bluesfest and a final wrap-up of Mariposa and Summerfolk but I’ve ended up down the rabbit hole, waaaaay down the rabbit hole on a totally different tangent. My apologies to those waiting for any of the above but occasionally, when I get stuck on a thread I’ve got to go with it. So….I woke up yesterday morning with a particular FB post and the subsequent thread traipsing around in my cranium. Bear with me. First the post….

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