GWNtertainment  #35 by Jaimie Vernon

Check. Check one two. Check check. Check, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin. Is this thing on? Hey, there you are! We’re back. It’s 2022 so remain calm. Despite the date change, we  haven’t. Just took some time off to regroup and…well…release a solo album. After a thirteen years absence, I thought it was time to release some new music myself and hopefully, inspire others to do the same. It’s all instrumentals and entitled ‘Sounds & Silences.’ You, dear readers, get a first listen. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, there are others in the Canadian wilds doing the same thing. The music has not stopped rolling in, and in fact, we were overwhelmed during the furlough. So, without further ado, dig into all the great new music, re-issues, and exciting announcements below. There’s a lot to digest so we’re giving you a bullet point shopping list. We suggest tracking down info on the artist once you’ve checked out a track you like.

* Sloan has new vinyl for some old recordings called ‘This One’s An Original’. Two originals alongside 12 cover versions of classic 1970’s/80’s hardcore punk.

* GWN would like to acknowledge the passing of bass player Mike Harrison (McKenna-Mendelson Mainline, Grant Smith & The Power), singer-songwriter R. Dean Taylor (“Indiana Wants Me,” “Love Child”), and blues master Harpdog Brown in recent days. Condolences to family, friends and fans.

* Sophie Lukacs‘ second single “Too Many Times”

* Canadian Country crooner Laurie LeBlanc has released the official music video for “All In.”

* Claude Kent’s perennial band Clockwise has a new EP called ‘Blow Your Soul Bright’.

* Fergus Hambleton‘s ‘Jazz Lovers Society Vol. 2’ is now out as physical product and download.

* Waterloo’s JP Sunga featuring STEMS bring us “Dirty Water”

* Rocky Mountains, Alberta Folk-Roots & Appalachian-Country Swing band Over The Moon have released “Lonesome Bluebird.”

* The Lowdown Dirty Mojos first video from their 2nd album  ‘Stone Cold Groovers’ is “Mystic Highway 6.”

* Victoria/Vancouver’s JP Maurice brings us “Unstoppable” from his album ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds.’

* Michelle Rasky debuts her groovy track and animated video for “Dancing on My Own.”

* Sunshine Coast’s Ron Kalmakoff‘s new single is “Mother Nature” from the album ‘Nature.’

* Hazelridge, Manitoba’s Banned & Outlawed have released their latest single “Real Country Song.”

* Winnipeg’s Carlo Capobianco worships at the altar of love in the new single “Pray To You.”

* Ottawa Indie Folk-Rockers The All Canadian Soundclash have released “She Won’t Play Your Game.”

* Toronto chanteuse, songwriter, performer and Zoomer radio host Lily Frost‘s new single is Rock Me Baby” from the album ‘Retro-Moderne.’

* Toronto’s The Honeyrunners ask “What Are You Scared Of?” from their debut album ‘Everything Is On Fire’ and a second video for “Ghosts.”

* Canadian producer & singer-songwriter Peter Karroll has released a new single dedicated to WWII vets entitled “Coming Home.”

* Thunder Bay, Ontario’s Collin Clowes‘s new single is “Polaroid” from his debut EP ‘Sleepy.’

* Toronto Hip-Hop artist Mark Brathwaite delivers the single “Champion Flow” from his new album ‘My Season.’

* Barrie, Ontario-based artist Mickey Moone and his band, Murder, have released their newest single “Perspective.”

* The “Stars Align” for Canadian electro-pop duo Gold Bonds as they launch their new single and video from their album ‘Growing Pains.’

* Vancouver’s Layla Zoe has released the new track “The Bluebird’s Egg.”

* Nova Scotia based singer-songwriter Erika Kulnys takes a stand for bodily autonomy with her  song “My Choice.”

* Toronto R & B singer-songwriter Amanda Mae is wearing her heart on her sleeve with the new single “Shoulda Known”

* Alberta country singer Myranda Christi‘s debut single is “When You Come Around.”

* Canadian Hip-Hop artist Vivek Mehmi explores self growth and acceptance with the new single “Love Myself.”

* Victoria, B.C.’s Kele Fleming is back with yet another new track called “Sturgeon Love.”

* Saddle Lake First Nation, Alberta Indigenous Blues singer-songwriter Donita Large shows the power of her lineage in “Ancestors in My Bones.”

* Canadian singer/songwriter Leanne Pearson pays tribute to the much-loved furry, four-legged friends on “Caturday.”

* Canadian actor, performer & singer-songwriter Paul Saunders channels ‘70s-era musical Sunshine with “Afternoon Café.”

* Canadian rocker Chris Nine has released the new EP, ‘The Heavy’ featuring “Fracture” and “Ghosts.” WARNING: Flashing lights.

* JUNO Award winner Lazo brings us island vibes on the new single “Love Is On Ur Side.”

* Great Big Sea co-founder Sean McCann has a new song out entitled “10,000 Miles Away” from the album ‘Shantyman.’

* Ritalin Boy explores life & death in the new single “Some Kind of Angel.”

* Steven Heighton embraces uncertain days with love in the newly released single “New Year Song.”

* Montreal  R & B singer/songwriter Annabel Oreste brings us “Body & Soul.”

* Hamilton, Ontario singer-songwriter Michelle Titian brings us an exploration of addiction on “Drive.”

* Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Hayley Wallis has released her debut single “Coffee Cup.”

* Montreal instrumental rockers Axlaudstade bring us “oui no na” from their eponymous debut  album.

* Ottawa singer-songwriter Alex Goupil gives us his new single “I Swear.”

* King Selah, the lead vocalist & songwriter of Canada’s Reggae warriors House of David Gang, has a new dancehall single entitled “GoldField” featuring dancehall vocalist Hawkeye.

* Alison Solo brings us a Fiona Apple tune – “Shadowboxer.”

This issue was brought to you by: New Years Resolutions – The Vacuous Promise To Improve With No Accountability.
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Keep up the fight!
Jaimie Vernon, 2022


Jaimie “Captain CanCon” Vernon has been president of the on again/off-again Bullseye Records of Canada since 1985. He wrote and published Great White Noise magazine in the ‘90s, has been a musician for 41 years, and recently discovered he’s been happily married for 24 years. He is also the author of The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia and editor of “Sunny Days: The Skip Prokop Story.” Available through Amazon.

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