Segarini has a Message for you….

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Pope Bob Returns
…and now…a Message from Bob….

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Cameron Carpenter – 10CC – Hip Hip Hooray

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Cam Profile Pic

Let’s celebrate. There is still hope. We get a chance to see them again and thank them for what they mean to the fabric of Canada. Recently we have had no warning and no chance to say thanks or goodbye, this time we do. My history with the band goes back a long way and I hope Johnny Fay, Gord Sinclair, Rob Baker, Paul Langlois and Gord Downie have a farewell tour that will go down in rock’n’roll history. Take your victory lap boys, you have earned it.  Tickets go on sale Friday June 3 and the dates are as follows:

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Pat Blythe – A Few Summer Songs and…Celtic Reggae?

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Three Tuesdays in a row!!!! Me, my laptop and “the” column. It’s gonna be another late night…..again.

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Frank Gutch Jr: I Always Wanted To Be a Musician (Videos With Commentary)…

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Frank Gutch young

…but I could never pull it together.  Of course, when I was young I thought I was a musician, piddling with the tonette in fourth grade, drafted into the junior high band in the fifth grade because they badly needed a bass drum player, playing drums in what could be called a jazz band then (though we were really not good enough to be called that), playing drums in the high school band and in a couple of rock bands and carrying it on through college.  I loved music and was always around it but I was never really a musician.

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Segarini Goes to the Billboard Awards

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22. Bob on a bar stool

The things I do for love…

Let the GF watch this Dog and Pony show last night while I played Angry Birds and tried to block the incessant screaming out of my head by concentrating on less annoying sounds and sights, like skinning Dick Cheney alive with a Potato Peeler, and watching two far-left Liberals, and two far-right Conservatives battle it out in a tag-team Mud Wrestling Death Match while Hitler and Gilbran shout their lies, rumours, and insipid Meme-isms over a bullhorn.

Nope…this incessant screaming is worse….

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Roxanne Tellier – Back to the Garden

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My gardens have been calling me lately. For years I gave up on them – the hostas, the shrubs, the berry bushes and the salsa garden – allowing frustration and depression to stomp all over my joy inthe feel of good earth under my nails, and the delights of helping things grow. Plants ask very little of their tenders – some water when it’s hot and dry, a little pruning away of dead growth so that new, young sprouts have room – but even that was too much to ask of me for almost a decade. I withdrew from the earth, and from most people.

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Jaimie as King George
If you’re reading this it probably means you’re broke and can’t afford a weekend off or you have no idea that this is Victoria Day weekend. It’s a celebration of our formerly longest reigning Monarch of the British Vampire, er, Empire (June 20, 1837 until her death January 22, 1901). Queen Elizabeth recently usurped that record by tiptoeing past Victoria which opens the door for us to one day celebrate Lizzy’s Day instead. Currently the weekend celebrates Vicky’s birth on May 24, 1819.

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