GWNtertainment #33 by Jaimie Vernon

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As the musical landscape continues to be divided into a million pieces of the profit pie, indie artists are having to be more and more creative to try and wrangle their share of it. While major label artists wrestle control of Spotify play lists – and the $3.00 in revenue that will generate – those without the music machine financing their efforts have been crowd funding new albums for the better part of the last decade. The direct route has been GoFundMe where artists raise capital over a set period of time – and offer perks to those who pony up the cash. Intrepid artists have upped the ante by putting their necks and growing careers on Patreon  – a monthly subscription initiative that requires the artist to be creative in real-time by making videos, offering exclusive content, doing live streams, setting up prize packages, meet-and-greets at future live shows,  and effectively working full-time at maintaining the interest of paying patrons. Most of the content is exclusive to paying patrons – something that heralds back to the working lives of classical musicians in the 17th and 18th centuries. The most successful of these has allowed some artists to quit day jobs and just be creative 24/7.

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Roxanne Tellier – The Frequency Illusion

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Have you ever bought a car, and suddenly noticed that nearly every car you see is the same colour and style? Or, if you are pregnant, have you been surprised to see that it seems that everybody else is pregnant as well?

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Chef Tom – A Little on the Side: Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore

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Editor’s Note – Submitted before American Thanksgiving, Chef’s column offers up some recipes that are perfect for the cold winter months ahead as well as the traditional holiday meal. Swerve these anytime the need arises for comforting additions to your dinner that also bring with them fine reminders of family gatherings and good times. Thank you.

My favorite Thanksgiving side dish has always been the stuffing. Especially the crispy bits. Savory, carb-y, fatty…you know, all the good stuff. One of my go-to flavor enhancers that I figured out way back in the mid-seventies when I was just starting out on my culinary career, is caramelized onions.

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Another Message From Bob

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It pains me to write this, but more bad news and ongoing computer problems mean I cannot get my column up on time. In order to make sure I can post Chef Tom tomorrow and then everyone else during the week, means I cannot stay working on my piece in one or two sittings, find and/or create pictures, and do a decent job.

The longer I stay online, the more often I have to reboot, waiting at least 30 minutes to do so each time.

I am beyond frustrated.

I will continue working on the column a bit at a time until it is finished, and will publish it sometime this coming week, or Friday at the latest. Interest in The Beatles has lasted over half a century, so another few days shouldn’t matter too much. …and it will give you much to think about.

Please understand I am not in need of advice, nor do I want sympathy or any other helpful input. …just your patience. That said …if any of you happen to have about 4000 dollars laying around that you don’t need, that would be enough to replace this beast and all the apps and programs I will have to purchase and reinstall. Have a great weekend. Chef Tom returns tomorrow.


Good News, Everyone!

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No electricity here again today until 5:00 pm …but my Get Back Review and thoughts will be published here on DBAWIS sometime between 8pm and 10pm tonight, unless more craptastic unforeseen drama occurs. Then, we’re back with Chef Tom and the rest of the writers starting on Saturday. As far as my column tonight …Cross your fingers and hope for the best. Here’s a tease ….

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UPDATE! – A Message from Bob

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DBAWIS will start publishing columns again this coming Friday, December 3rd 2021. The spanner in the works has been the fact that my building is, for the 4th and 5th times in just over a month, turning off the electricity here to do more work on the electrical system …this time from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm again tomorrow, (Tuesday, November 30th) and Wednesday.

We’ll be kicking off the short run of DBAWIS until our Annual Holiday Hiatus with my full review and thoughts concerning Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” documentary.

See you then.


Peter Suggests We Never Forget

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Lest we forget, they were predominantly children of the depression. They had been exposed to hunger and insecurity and diminished opportunities. They all knew someone who had served in “The Big One”, as World War I was known. They could see the visible scars of the veterans, the empty sleeve pinned to the shirt, the public drunkenness. Sometimes they could even encounter the hidden scars, the “shell shock” as it was dismissively called by people who had never seen combat, but felt entitled to judge those who had.

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Darrell Vickers – Ted Zeigler Part Four: It’s Always Sonny in California

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By 1971, Theodore L. Zeigler’s career was at its zenith. And you could watch him on your Zenith every Sunday night by way of “The Sonny and Cher Show.” The Face that Launched a Thousand Quips quickly graduated from doing spot work on “The Andy Williams Show,” where he was caught committing acts against the laws of hibernation with Cookie Bear, to being a full-time regular on a top ten smash hit. And that’s where he met…

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GWNtertainment #32 by Jaimie Vernon

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Well the seasons have changed and Daylight Saving has ended meaning you’re reading this blog by candlelight as daylight will now be limited to 4 hours in the middle of your work day. Caffeinate and stay alert folks. Oh, and bundle up because if that weren’t bad enough, snow is on the way if it hasn’t  already blanketed your front lawn. Keeping us comfortable through the hibernation months is more great music from the land of the Great White North.

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Chef Tom’s Turkey Alternatives

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Not a big Roast Turkey fan. Never been. I do like the ceremony, though, a lot. Over the years I’ve kept the ritual of bringing something magnificent to the table and carving it, but I’ve replaced the bird – with beef or pork. These cuts are much more forgiving, way juicier, and still make for an elegant presentation.

Here are my two favorite go-to crowd pleasers for that Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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