WE’RE BACK! (kinda ….)

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I was hoping we would all be back today, but of course, my IP, the cursed Computer, and re-learning WordPress has made (or should I say ‘kept’) everything snail-paced, frustrating, and time consuming. …and there are big changes involved. Not so much for you, Dear Reader, but some biggies for your DBAWIS writers.

Will post more info as soon as I don’t have to wait 10 minutes between words or sentences. In the meantime …two new columns from two of our best.



Click on the links to read the columns.

ROXANNE TELLIER – https://frustratedboomers.com/

JAIMIE VERNON – https://canpopencyclopedia.home.blog/2022/10/15/cpme-welcomes-the-gwntertainment-magazine-blog-45/

New columns will be posted every Monday.

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Peter and Coco Win The Betty

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I need to do a little more research before I post the column I intended to post this week, because Loyal Reader, you deserve the best I can give you. I hope to have that column up next week. In the meantime, here’s a look at one of the mammals residing at Chez Montreuil-Stevenson.

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Pat Blythe – Here comes summer!!

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March 30 was the last column I wrote for this site…..the “Canadian edition” and finale of my jazz series. It’s now been six week since DBAWIS was able to publish due to some serious computer issues. There’s a wee bit of catching up to do. Live music is happening again, the camera seems to have found its way back into my life, the whole England move has been sliding sideways, reviewing photographs (not just Chris’s, but mine too) has sent me down several rabbit holes, and life generally, has been pretty busy. So…..let me just dive right in.

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GWNtertainment #44 by JAIMIE VERNON

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The world was sent reeling March 25th, with the death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. He had become a seminal part of Dave Grohl’s self-declared rock and roll machine. At age 50, it was a shock to see a man so vibrant and on top of his game lose to what appears to have been a substance battle.

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Roxanne Tellier – Modern Motherhood

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Over the years, I, and many other writers, have written columns thanking our mothers for being our beloved mothers. The overall tone of these columns tends to favour the sappy and romantic notions we see in greeting cards, and in Hallmark movies. And that’s great! Mom’s put up with a lot dealing with their kids and being a mom, and they deserve at least one day a year in which their hard work is acknowledged. 

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Chef Tom – Siete de Mayo

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Back by popular demand, my best Mexican dishes. The fifth was Thursday, but this weekend there’s more time to cook and enjoy. Here’s some straight-up deliciousness for your post-Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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Segarini – What Entertained My Mom

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There’s a link to my Annual Mother’s Day Tribute to my Mother at the bottom of this column, but I decided to do something different this year.

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Peter Goes Back to Bed with Betty

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Well, I am grateful to be back, thank you all for your comments and support. This week I am going to be writing about “gratitude” and being a nice person, inter alia. 

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Join the DBAWIS gang starting Thursday, May 5th 2022, for our 12th year. All new columns from your favourite writers. See you then!