GWNtertainment #20 by Jaimie Vernon

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The music continues to fill our lives with joy and hope. Canadians have stepped up to the plate, and against all adversity, been able to produce more than their share of sweet, beautiful audio for the likes of us mere mortals to enjoy. We are 6 months into 2021 and the music is flowing unabated.

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Roxanne Tellier – Up With Pride!

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In the 50s and 60s, most of the gendered role models for kids were caricatures, physical and psychological distortions of what a ‘real man’ or a ‘real woman’ should look like, and how they should behave.  

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Chef Tom – Berry, Berry, Delicious!

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For most of the country, June is prime time for strawberries. Grab some next time you’re at the market. Look for evenly deep-red berries.

This way-moist treat is ready to cool on a rack in 30 minutes. Fast, easy, and delicious. The trifecta of summer yum.

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Peter Addresses the Tragedy in London

Posted in Family, life, Opinion on June 10, 2021 by segarini

This week I will not be writing about what I was going to write about, my “adventures with the Minister” will make their appearance in a couple of weeks. Next week I will be writing about Pride Month. This week, this week has been overtaken by events.

I woke up Monday morning and saw a message from an old friend, hoping that Betty and I were safe. I replied in the affirmative and then began an online search, as I was unsure of what she was referring to. After some time searching, I came across a statement made by Ed Holder. (One of the things I do when I move somewhere new is to find out who the municipal leadership is, thus I knew that he is the mayor of London, Ontario.) 

Thus did I become aware of the horrible events of the previous night.

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Pat Blythe – Busy busy…..and just a few tunes

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It’s Tuesday…..writing day. Today’s column is short…..very short. I’m taking my writing time to cogitate, reflect and sort. I’m excited to have just published my 20th episode of The Pandemic Interviews. I’m teaching, designing, programming, writing, editing and now podcasting. I’m considering bringing back the Back Deck Concert Series, am in the process of having my front lawn dug up and “converted” into a garden, and waiting for travel to open up so I can begin to plan (and book) my trip back to England this year. Sorting out the house lurks in the background. I have no shortage of projects…..things to do. All self-imposed (well except for the telecom work) including most deadlines…..I do like to be busy, but it’s getting a bit crazy busy.

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GWNtertainment #19 by Jaimie Vernon

Posted in Canadian Music, music, Opinion, Review on June 7, 2021 by segarini

Summer is upon us and the patios will open soon enough as the curse of the lockdown is lifted. The music keeps pouring and we wanted to say thanks to the people that contributed their material to GWN’s first 6 months. A special shout-out to the tireless efforts of publicists, and promoters who’ve trusted us in delivering the news about their clients. Thank you for giving us access to your promotional materials and ‘first listens.’ To that end, we never have enough space to promote everything that comes our way. So, here dear readers and voracious listeners, is a batch of stuff that fell between the cracks over the last few months – either because the release dates were months away or videos/download/streaming links had yet to be created. Check out the videos and support the many artists who continue honing their craft while the world’s been sleeping. We’ll be back next week with the all new GWN Summes Collection.

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Roxanne Tellier – Straight Outta Facebook Jail

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I’m happy to report that the rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated.  I’ve only been dead to the social media world for the last 30 days. 

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Food related news recently came across my feed (no pun intended), so I thought it might be interesting to share a couple of stories. The first is about the Zuni Café in San Francisco. Long-time dining destination for the well-heeled, as well as the hoi polloi, or in this case, the gay polloi. Who knew it was one of the first gay-friendly restaurants, with a mostly gay staff, with large picture windows for full visibility.

This is a fascinating read. 

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Segarini – A Lifetime of Imaginary Friends

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It was early Summer of 1994. My wife, daughter, and I had been in Stockton California since October of 1989, a hastily made decision brought about by a late night phone call informing me that my Mother had had a stroke while driving my Aunt Alice home from a night out, and had a very bad automobile accident. She wasn’t expected to survive.

Cheryl, my wife, and Amy, our daughter, flew out to California immediately. Unable to fly, I took the train, praying my Mom would hang on untiI I got there.

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More of Peter’s Workplace Adventures

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During my career with the Canadian government, every so often something would happen to break up the “routine”.

Before I begin, let me stress that while the commute and the hours of work may have been “routine”, the clientele most certainly was not. I remember once very early in my days as an Employment & Insurance Officer. A young man was talking to me about the reason why he had become unemployed. He stopped for a minute, looked at the floor and said that I probably heard “this stuff” all the time. Loyal Reader, I educated both of us with my reply. I told him that it didn’t matter if I had heard “it” 400 times that month already. It was new and very relevant and important to him, and I had been trained to assist him with his claim, to ensure that he got the benefits he was entitled to as quickly as possible. He beamed. Later, when I was at home, I rethought what I had said and realized that I had a responsibility to do the best I could do for anyone who had dealings with me. 

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