Gary Pig Gold Went To A Dance, Lookin’ For IMANTS

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Above-ardent Fan, Collector and Champion of Good Music

(and Credit Risk Analyst for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce by day)

born April 6, 1952, Leamington Spa, England

died June 9, 2011, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

age 59

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Roxanne Tellier – What Do You Miss the Most?

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A couple of weeks into the start of the COVID pandemic, I asked Shawn if he’d have done anything differently before we entered lockdown, now that we had a little experience with this way of life. We kicked around a few thoughts, but it all being so new, he couldn’t really think of much he could have done to prepare.

We’re pretty low maintenance. We’re retired, have a very small place stuffed with the goods of a lifetime of (my) conspicuous consumption, and really don’t need much to get by. But need is not want, and want is what drives our capitalistic society, which we are all a part of, whether we want to be or not. 

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Chef Tom – Here’s eating with you, kid.

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Quirky-yummy kid food (for grownups)

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Segarini’s Smörgåsbord of Wonder and Delight

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a soupçon of spice, a dram of drama, and a pinch of buttocks, makes a fine, short read for a day of leisure, reflection, and hiding under the bed from all the shit going on in the world.

You will need a flashlight.

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Peter Faces Facebook

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There’s no doubt that Facebook has had a major impact on society in general and those who are registered on it in particular. When it works, it can make your eyes water. It offers a seemingly bottomless font of knowledge, where you can find answers to the most arcane questions and enjoy rare and historic videos. You can access the collections of art galleries and museums around the world. You can join groups covering pretty much any subject imaginable, no matter how arcane, should you feel gregarious. And how about the ability it gives you to get exposed to that great contemporary music out there, inter alia? Electronic “back stage access” at your fingertips, Loyal Reader! You can watch videos, learn about upcoming events, support the artists by purchasing merchandise, voting for them in contests or simply by sharing their information on your timeline and targeting those people who may be interested in their music.

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Pat Blythe – Synth What? …and Music

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Last week I entered a wormhole I haven’t quite surfaced from. It all started with a offhand remark and has now ended up to a be two-part essay on all things synthesizer(ish). You’ve all read the history of this beast (test on Friday) so I shall now segue into the “guitar synthesizer”, the “SynthAxe” and a new find…..the “Keytar”.

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Darrell Vickers – The Magic Hour Part One of Part Two – I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye I Say Hello

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“My pants are down around my ankles and I’m bent over my desk.  What do you want?”

This colorful interrogative was bellowed over the phone to our agent by a Fox executive in Business Affairs. 

Perhaps I should back this story up a smidge:

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GWNtertainment #13 by Jaimie Vernon

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Spring has sprung and brings with it rebirth and renewal. But before we can move on we must acknowledge the passing of those close to our music community. Recently we lost music promoter and champion of indie artists Linda Dawe to cancer whose Music Solutions company helped young artists receive promotion and radio play in a playground filled with big league competitors.
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Roxanne Tellier – Talking Points and Party Lines

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During the trump years, it was a staple of reporting; when asked for their opinion on something the Administration had done, all the top Republican Senators either brushed off reporters with a breezy, “hadn’t heard anything about that yet,”  or stopped just long enough to run whatever party line Mitch McConnell had broadcast to them earlier that day, into the microphone.

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Chef Tom – Snack Time!

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From the NY Times:
A slice of this berry-dotted cake is perfect late in the morning, for afternoon tea or after dinner, with coffee. It keeps for up to three days in a sealed container, but is at its absolute best on the day it’s made.

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