Frank Gutch Jr: Jim of Seattle and Jaimie Vernon: Sci-Fi to Retro at 20,000 Watts; Plus Notes You Should Take More Seriously

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Frank Gutch young

Goddamn Jim of Seattle…  I no sooner put last week’s column to bed and here he comes along with an album which has had me up nights and all weekend with “We are the Elders… We Are the Elders… We are the Elders…” running through my head on a constant loop.  I can’t stop it and it would drive me crazy if I didn’t love it so much.  See, ol’ Jim came up with this idea… well, maybe I should tell you about his last album because sure as shootin’ you either have not heard it or have forgotten.

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Segarini – Teamwork 2

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Bob Cool

Last night I watched the Director’s cut of a film called “Cowboys and Aliens”, and the first Part of Ken Burns’ epic history of America’s National Parks. In both of these disparate entertainments, the wisdom and spirituality of the American Indian brings calm and understanding, and makes sense of the importance of the wealth of our surroundings, of the beauty of nature, that we have all but destroyed in the pursuit of money, control over others, and intolerance. We need to unite and embrace a lot of what the Indigenous peoples of this continent have believed for centuries, and face off with those whose obsession with the accumulation of wealth and power over others. I want Gene Rodenberry’s future, not George Miller’s. It’s time we stopped whining and yelling and arguing…and DID something about our problems.

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We’re in an interesting transitional period with music. Not the industry part that I’ve frequently beaten up and kicked to the curb time and time again. No, I’m talking about musical direction. I had hoped upon hope that post-9/11 the singer-songwriter would make a massive mainstream comeback to usher in the silver age of thinking man’s music. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The simpletons in charge of what we listen to doubled down on the stupid with the vacant tap dancing and lip-syncing of nubile females, effeminate boy bands and reality stars-turned-prime-time-embarrassments. ‘American Idol’ was the new A & R department for the future of music.

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Segarini – The House Was Rockin’ and My Mom Was Rollin’

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Bob and Vanilla Cone

This week has been a difficult one. An anniversary of a tragic event in California, the insanity of millions of people blindly following a completely failed human being and giving nary a thought to his worthlessness, and a continuing nostalgia-driven blockade of great new music and artists by those who actually believe nothing of worth has been created since the end of the ’70s.

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Pat Blythe – Ginger Ale, Fat As Fuck and Freeman Dre…how’s that for a headline?

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Enjoying today (Tuesday). Playing hooky from the computer for a while. 27 degrees out! and last time I checked the date it was mid-October. No coat, no sweater, no closed-toed shoes….wonderful. The cold will arrive soon enough so enjoy these gorgeous days while you can.

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Frank Gutch Jr: This One’s Personal— Tamara Saviano and Guy Clark; Plus a Compendium of Notes (Whatever a Compendium Is)

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Frank Gutch young

Tamara Saviano has written a biography of Guy Clark.  She dedicated it to Chet Flippo who I know as a music writer and historian who wrote for and edited a series of important zines back in the seventies.  The article which struck me the most was the piece he wrote for Phonograph Record Magazine in the March 1974 issue titled “Texas Rock and Roll Spectacular” which broke Texas music into regions and highlighted the most notable musicians.  Buddy Holly was in it, of course, as was Doug Sahm and Johnny Winter and Waylon Jennings and even Groovy Joe Poovey, all cited as influential to Texas music.  Even Townes Van Zandt got mention and I mention that not in the sense that he did not deserve it but in the sense that Guy Clark, very much a cohort of Van Zandt, was conspicuous in his absence.  I have scratched my head over that for years.  I can stop scratching.  Saviano, in this book, sets the record straight.

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Roxanne Tellier .. Dylan and the Nobel

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Bob Dylan, the prior winner of a litany of top-shelf awards (Pulitzer, Album of the Year Grammy, Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Academy Award .. just to name a few) won the Nobel Price for Literature last week.

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