Roxanne Tellier – May Day! May Day!

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It’s May the first – a day when most of the northern hemisphere officially decides, “that’s it. Done with winter. Bring on the sun and the fun!”

I’ve always thought that May 1st would be a better start to the year then January 1st. No one feels much like kick-starting more than the snow blower in winter. May, on the other hand, is when you can shed the many layers you’ve bundled yourself into over the darkest months, like a snake sloughing off its outgrown skin.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones

The world of Boomer pop culture continues to die off in epidemic proportions. It’s now officially becoming depressing. Aside from the shocking – and still reverberating – passing of Prince we’ve lost Canadian actor/singer Don Francks, actor James Carroll, beloved ‘The Flying Nun’ matriarch Madelaine Sherwood (also Canadian) and now the master of the original infomercial Philip Kives – the King of K-Tel – at the age of 87.

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Segarini: Mad Men, Elton Rohn, and Your Mail

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47. Bob 2015

Here’s a slightly edited rerun of one of the first columns I wrote here. This is from March of 2011. My regular column will run on Monday. Been a hell of a week…and PLEASE start commenting again in the “Reply” section down below. I would love to start printing your mail like we used to back in the day….

Like I mentioned last week, we signed up for the free month of Netflix and started trolling their content. Well, if you believe the haters out there, there wasn’t supposed to be anything here except episodes of TV shows nobody watched and movies like “Roller Disco Beach Party”, The President’s Neck is Missing”, and “Too Many Grandmas”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I got to sit through a perfect copy of “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”, totally thrilled with the awesomeness of the Hong Kong Cavaliers, a very young Jeff Goldblum (who is still playing himself in every movie he makes) and some of the greatest scene chewing ever done by the delightful John Lithgow. Also…who wouldn’t love a character named Perfect Tommy? Then I discovered that Netflix has the first three seasons of Mad Men…

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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – Once Bourbon, Once Scotch, Now Beer

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Cam Profile Pic

Habits change as we get older. For years, and with thanks to Segarini, my drink of choice was Jack’n’Coke. No matter where I went with a bar it was what I ordered. After high school I rarely drink beer, and, unless it was a quart at The Gasworks, or a tray of the old 10 ouncers at The Alpine, a JD was the weapon of choice.

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Pat Blythe – The Movies of My Life….

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The weeks, days, minutes, even seconds spin by so fast and another day rapidly approaches. Everything starts to run together and life becomes a joyful blur of music and people. I want to capture every moment, not just with a camera but in my mind and my heart. To be able to embrace the memories, close my eyes and watch the movies of my life roll by.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Travels With Farley: Canada’s Legacy in Words— Plus Notes

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Frank Gutch young

I have this very large book sitting on my shelf titled Canada: A Modern History.  At the time I purchased it, I was beginning a journey into Canadian literature thanks to a bookstore in Seattle known as Magus, a large store in the University District of Seattle containing books of all sizes and flavors, mostly paperbacks.  I had stumbled upon this book quite by chance at the first Friends of the Library sale I attended upon arriving in Seattle and, having this unquenched thirst for what I now know as America’s Hat, purchased it on a whim.

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Bobby Singh – Prince: A Personal Essay

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Bobby Singh

Everyone I know loves Bobby Singh, including me. He is a gracious man. Calm, unassuming, always quiet, in the background, camera at the ready. He stands, surveying his surroundings with an eagle eye, concentrating on trying to see the tip-off that signals him to raise his camera to his self-taught eye a nano-second before his subject inadvertently “poses” for the picture Bobby has been waiting for. He is patient, focused, and as deeply committed to his craft as his childhood hero was to his.

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