Peter Falls for Local Music

Friday night at Lee’s Palace,  there was some outstanding musical talent on display. I was there for most of it. The show marked the public debut in Toronto of “My Favourite Filter”. I had seen “MFF” previously, at a small venue, and I am pleased to report that their performance translates well to a larger venue.  Expect big things from them, my friends.

Next up was a band I had heard of, but had never heard, although I had heard good things about them. “Stuck On Planet Earth” is a rocking 3 piece band from Vaughan, just north of Toronto. I’m not sure why I haven’t seen them before, but I do regret that and will look for them in the future.

“The Crooked” marked their first year as an entity with the release of an EP, “The Shoebox Sessions”. These guys are doing their best, composing, playing and getting their music out to the listeners. “Canadian Beats” , by the way, wrote epic reviews of both the show and “The Shoebox Sessions”, well worth reading. I can tell you as someone who was there, it was a great show, organized by “Of The Bear Bookings”, one of a number of fine booking agencies in Toronto, and what Dell Orso does when he isn’t sleeping or pounding the skins! Here’s their second most recent video, from “The Shoebox Sessions”, “Glove”.

After 3 amazing bands played a show which wouldn’t be out of place in London, England as far as musical quality is concerned, “Sumo Cyco” brought their particular brand of awesome to the stage. I must confess that I could not stay, but I have been following this band since I saw them at “Indie Week” in 2013, and according to the review in “Canadian Beats”, they did not disappoint. They are touring this summer, as well. One of their recent videos is up next, “Undefeated”.

I had a great time at the show, thanks to Sasha for the invitation, “Of The Bear Bookings” for arranging the killer lineup, “Lee’s Palace” for designating a “gender neutral” washroom (hurray!!!) and “Hop City Brewing Company” for the samples.

As always, one of the highlights was the people I ran into, including Jeannie, Curtis, Keith and Dylan, and from what I have seen on Facebook, there were many other musicians in attendance as well supporting their friends in their endeavours. What a great evening, thank you all.

Sunday came, and I was off to “The Rockpile”. “Belle & Bliss Music Publicity” had booked a show including a BBQ. As a result of the weather that we had on Sunday, one group, “Eklectic” had to cancel their participation, which was the smart thing to do under the circumstances, as I’ll relate later. The show, however,  went on despite both the bad weather and the fact that the subway was closed and replaced by a shuttle bus service. I arrived at about 8:00 P.M. to a hearty greeting from the gang.

The first band up was “The Burnout Kids”. When I last saw them, in January, they were “The Kids From Yesterday”. The name may have changed, but the music is still the same! Great rock from a three piece just dripping with talent and potential, but not a speck of attitude, except when they’re onstage! The last time I saw them, I took a video of them and posted it to my timeline, predicting big things for them. They’re from Ajax and if you keep an eye out for them, you won’t regret it.

Sean Strife calls himself the Unicron. He’s a hard driving rocker and lead singer for “Social Strife”, a band which I became acquainted with last year. I’ve seen them a few times, mostly at “The Rockpile”. I posted a picture on my timeline today of the lads and I telling everyone that they’re number 1 with us 😉. I have no video from Sunday night, and my computer is screwing up, as it has done on a regular basis since “Net Neutrality” got revoked. However, here is a video of “Social Strife” doing their thing.

The headliner was “Crued the Notorious Motley Crew tribute”. I could not stay to see them, due to the bad weather and the shuttle bus service. (If I want to gamble, I’ll buy a lottery ticket, TTC!) After a marvellous night with marvellous people, I went home……….

…and fell on the way, landing on my left side, hurting my ribs and elbow. I have been on the couch pretty much since then. I am getting better, but probably won’t be back at my volunteer gig until Monday.

But it’s not all bad news, no sirree! “The Monowhales” have just released a new video, “Real Love”! They’ll be appearing in a few weeks with “Secret Broadcast”. Keep your eyes peeled for that. And, of course, CMW is fast approaching as well.

So that’s the truncated story of my most recent excellent music experiences in this great city, Toronto. I regret that my tempermental computer and my ribs, which hurt when I move the wrong way, or breathe, for that matter, have precluded a more thorough examination of those two occasions. However, the fact is that there is great indie music out there. Go on out and catch a show. You’ll not regret it.

While researching this column, I came upon this band, previously unknown to me. They’re called “Fortunate Losers”. They’re from Sudbury and I think it’s as good a way as any to sign off today.

Fortunate Losers had this to say about their latest video, “We are Fortunate Losers, a rock band from a hockey & mining town, Sudbury, ON. Like millions of Canadians, we were moved by the terrible tragedy in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. This is our cover of Big League as tribute to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, the coaches and all of the families.” Please consider donating to the Humboldt GoFundMe page here:…

…and a CD on the 28th of this month.

See you soon


2 Responses to “Peter Falls for Local Music”

  1. Sean Strife Says:

    Love hearing about new bands! Thanks Peter, always Fantastic to See You!

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