GWNtertainment #28 by Jaimie Vernon

Lots of new music this week as post-summer tuneage is in full swing. Just ask Drake who now occupies half of the Top10 on the Billboard magazine charts. It’s also drawn battle lines between old pop music fans and new because Drake’s positioning on the charts breaks a handful of records previously set by The Beatles. Vitriol has been flying around social media dismissing Drake and his accomplishments. GWN celebrates any Canadian artist who has managed to raise the ire of a generation of music lovers who refuse to acknowledge that time has passed, and that a new generation also makes music that people love. We are here three times a month extolling the virtues of those new artists and that new music. Other music exists in the same universe as The Beatles…resistance is fertile.

* One of Toronto’s, and Canada’s, best-loved musicians, Julian Taylor, in partnership with First Peoples Radio and RadioMogul, will be taking to the airwaves with a new radio program for syndication, called Julian Taylor’s Jukebox. The show will air every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm EST.

* The Royal Conservatory of Music has renamed their community school after Oscar Peterson.

* Marc Jordan‘s song “Tears of Hercules” is the title track for the new Rod Stewart album. Stewart previously scored a major hit in 1990 with a cover of Marc Jordan’s “Rhythm of My Heart.”

* Killer Dwarfs drummer Darrell Millar has penned the first volume of his rock and roll road stories entitled ‘ThundeR Foot: Chronicles Of A Rock’n Roll Pirate.’

* Kevin Breit and Hawksley Workman have teamed up as Breit Workman (naturally) for a new album due on October 15th. Pre-order here:

* For those interested in the original Toronto punk scene of the 1970s, photographer Bill Piton has released volume one of a magazine covering the life of short-lived punk club Crash ‘n’ Burn’s during its 100 days of insanity. In the Spring 2021 issue he covers The Viletones and The Curse.

* Gary Kendall announced this past week that recording sessions for a new Hogtown Allstars album has begun. The album is expected to be released in early 2022.

* Martina Griffiths‘ new album is entitled ‘The Great Canadian Songbook’ and covers several decades of Canadian penned songs from Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” to the French-language version of Mitsou’s “Bye Bye Mon Cowboy” performed in Griffith’s unique jazz style.

* Many people attribute possessing exceptional talent as a God-given gift, and celebrated Canadian singer Tonia Evans Cianciulli is acknowledging hers with high praise in return on her new original hymn “My Voice Belongs to Him” co-written with Vaughn Harbin. The single, and sole original song, from Cianciulli’s upcoming album of classic spirituals ‘Hymns of the Heart’ is due on October 1, 2021.

* Tabla master Ritesh Das and his JUNO Award-nominated musical collective, Toronto Tabla Ensemble, have turned the tables on technology with their new single and video “Spellcheck.” The first release from the group’s upcoming eighth album, ‘For the Love of Tabla’, the single gets its name and inspiration from the smart phone feature Autocorrect. “The title is a joke,“ Das reveals. “If you try to type out tabla on your phone, spellcheck changes it to table. I get messages all the time from people asking: ‘Where can I buy a new table?’ I tell them to go to a furniture store.”

* Terry Draper (Klaatu) will be releasing a new studio album shortly entitled ‘The Other Side.’ He’s released a non-album track that did not fit the feel of the new record called “All Together.”

PS – Terry also appears on the song “Mrs. Sunshine” from new album by American Sunshine Pop artist Dana Countryman entitled ‘Pop Scrapbook.’

* After Canadian poet-novelist and singer-songwriter Steven Heighton recovered from a near-fatal accident, the Governor General’s Award for Poetry winner returned to his songwriting roots to create and release his debut album, ‘The Devil’s Share,’ and the first single from the album is “Don’t Remember Me.”

* The new single from Montreal’s Merle Marlow Band is “Western Sky.”

* Formed in 2018, The High Loves are a pop-rock band from Toronto and composed of lead singer and guitarist Noah Monckton, lead guitarist Marko Stojanovic, keyboardist Jeremy Ugro, bassist Jake St. Jean, and drummer Jaden Spanier. The group has a new single called “Sometime” from their forthcoming EP ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing.’

* Montreal Jazz composer Francis Nicolas has released a pandemic inspired tune to sooth the soul with “Don’t Feel So Sad” featuring Ilea.

* Emily Molloy‘s new single/video is “Wide Awake” from the EP ‘Catastrophes.’ Having dreamt the storyboard for the music video, and with Angie Nolan at the helm of directing, “Wide Awake” premiered in August of 2021. A winter landscape following Molloy wandering through the woods, as a healing warrior dances on a frozen lake, the video captures the suffocation of loss, but the empowerment of letting go and accepting freedom from grief. “Because for some reason I had the dream about a winter landscape, we filmed the video in Whistler on Alta Lake while it was frozen,” Molloy explains. “Jenna Manzanares beautifully embodied the role of the healed/warrior version of myself.”

* Following on the heels of her recent solo album, ‘Okay, Alright,’ singer/songwriter, pianist, producer, radio host, and artist Laura Fernandez lends vocals to the new Glenn Crosse song “Fotografia” in both Portuguese and English. Crosse plays guitar and arranged the track which also includes George Koller on bass.

* The new single from Wine Lips‘ upcoming October 29th album ‘Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party’ is the song “Eyes.”

* Singer Nick Walsh (ex-Slik Toxik) and bassist Laurie Green have been working the hell out of their band Famous Underground for nearly 20 years (previously known as Revolver). Their latest EP is entitled ‘In My Reflection.‘ The new video from the release is “Like An Animal.”

* Indigenous singer-songwriter Tom Jackson has released his tribute to the children lost in the Residential Schools tragedy with “Lost Souls.” Jackson is recognized in Canada as one of our greatest exports with acting. With performing. With philanthropy. “We can’t jump to reconciliation without discussion of truth,” Jackson states of his latest offering. In May, Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Chief Rosanne Casimir announced that the remains of 215 children had been found near the city of Kamloops, British Columbia. Some of these children were believed to be as young as three years old.

* Eleanor McCain has recorded Don and Jeff Breithaupt’s song “I Can See Hope From Here” and made it the title track and lead-off video of her new album. The song features The Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Martin MacDonald.

* Myles Goodwyn has also released a musical statement about the tragedies at in the Residential School system in the new song “Some Of These Children (They Never Grew Up).”  “It’s a personal response by Jim Henman and I to the recent finding of unmarked graves of Indigenous children in Canada,” Goodwyn says of his long-time collaborator and co-founding member of Canadian rock band April Wine. “We felt like making a statement regarding the discovery of these graves, and this song is that statement.” The song’s heart wrenching subject lands within an incredibly personal connection to the Halifax-based artist, he adds. “My life partner, Kim, is native Sioux Assiniboine, and her mother was a survivor of the ‘assimilation’ attempts by the Federal government and the Catholic Church to ‘remove the savage from the Indian. I have felt her pain as more and more bodies of these unfortunate children are discovered.”

* The Red Dirt Skinners are back with their second single in as many months entitled “Wolf In the Woods” from their album ‘Bear With Us.’

* Vernon, British Columbia singer-songwriter Andrew Allen’s new single is “Linger” teases the upcoming new album ’12:34.’

* Canadian dance-pop producer Ryan Shane Owen invites you “into the big striped tent by the river” to enjoy his new single release, “Summer Night Dream.” Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s heady classic, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the Vancouver, British Columbia-based artist has included the song on his 12-track sophomore album, ‘Symphony For The Stereo’ [aka ‘Rhapsody Part Two’].

* Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Marty Zylstra comes out swinging with the first single from his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Boom Chicka’, entitled “Rattle The Glass.”

* Multi-Grammy and JUNO Award-winning alt-hip hop and R & B artist Chin Injeti is back with another single this year entitled “Sparrow.” “(It’s) my little ode to freedom,” says Injeti. “It was the perfect ‘escape’ when I was held ‘prisoner’ in my basement, as I wrote it in my home studio while I was in quarantine.”

* Canadian post-hardcore punk-pop rocker Chris Nine has released his new single, “the rage” ahead of the Toronto-based artist’s forthcoming EP, ‘The Heavy’, which is due out this Fall.

* The Canadian Cover Crew previously entertained us with a remake of Lighthouse’s “Pretty Lady” and have now released a version of Redbone’s “Come And Get Your Love.” The crew this time features: Michael Shotton (Lead Vocals), Paul DeLong (Drums), Rik Emmett (Electric Sitar & Guitar), Mitch Tyler (Bass), Don Baird (Keyboard), Megan Jones (Violin), Adriana Arcila Tascon (Viola), Kirk Starkey (Cello), and backing vocals from Rita Carroll, John Carroll, Megan Jones.

* Jr. Gone Wild is back with a new album entitled ‘Still Got The Jacket’ and have also teamed up with Chilliwack’s Bill Henderson to record a new version of Chilliwack’s 1977 hit “Fly At Night.”

This issue was brought to you by KY’s 5-Alarm Picante Lubricant – Where Intimacy Is One Hot Tamale.
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Jaimie Vernon, 2021


Jaimie “Captain CanCon” Vernon has been president of the on again/off-again Bullseye Records of Canada since 1985. He wrote and published Great White Noise magazine in the ‘90s, has been a musician for 41 years, and recently discovered he’s been happily married for 24 years. He is also the author of The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia and editor of “Sunny Days: The Skip Prokop Story.” Available through Amazon.

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