Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s of Rock’n’Roll – It Ain’t Over ‘Til I Say It’s Over


 Ok, it’s over. No, don’t get excited I am not leaving, over is just the word of the week. For every column, once a theme is determined, my first point of reference is my iTunes. When I thought about songs with the word over in them there was a huge selection to choose from, however, finding artists with over proved to be a little more difficult. Stretching the boundaries to the limit I have managed to come up with ten but please cut me some slack for a couple of them. Let’s get this over with.

Urge Overkill

One of the great rock’n’roll bands of the last 25 years and the pride of the Chicago scene. After years of toiling on the indie scene the band got their big break when their cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” was used in the 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction”. I was lucky enough to work with the band during their years on Geffen Records when they recorded the brilliant “Saturation” and the very much overlooked “Exit The Dragon”. Nash Kato and Eddie “King” Roeser re-formed the band in 2004 and in 2011 released the very strong “Rock & Roll Submarine” on their own UO label. Always a great band to catch live. Songs from great films will become a recurring theme this week.

“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence & The Machine

Florence Welch has one of the loveliest voices in rock and this was the second single for the group’s 2009 debut album “Lungs”. This song was used in the TV spots for the film “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Jets Overhead

I first became aware of the Victoria band in 2007 when we started spinning their debut album “Bridges” (produced by 54-40’s Neil Osborne) on XM’s The Verge. A full year in advance of Radiohead the band offered this album on their website as a “pay what you can”. Still active, the group has released three studio albums in total.

“Five Get Over Excited” – The Housemartins

From the second, and final, album by Hull’s The Housemartins “The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death”. Band member Norman Cook would go on to form Beats International and then morph into Fatboy Slim, while Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway would later become The Beautiful South.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Or, as they were humorously referred to as by our very own Bob Segarini,  “Men Without Necks”. They were Canada’s heavyweight rock’n’roll hit makers during the seventies as they cranked out such Can-Con classics as “Blue Collar”, “Let It Ride”, “Takin’ Care Of Business”, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, “Roll On Down The Highway”, “Hey You” and “Lookin’ Out For #1”. The band appeared in one episode of The Simpsons (Homer loved them) and are mentioned in another.

“Glad All Over” – The Dave Clark Five

In 1964 it was the first number one hit from the Tottenham band. Speaking of Tottenham I would like to thank their football fan who stopped me at TFC/Spurs game a couple of weeks ago to say he enjoyed the column. The song was also the second British Invasion song to make an impact on the North American charts following in the wake of The Beatles. This song appeared in the band’s film “Catch Us If You Can”.

Bombs Over Providence

Over the years bands have bought me beers, picked up a couple of meals, given me swag, the occasional old record and even a lap dance (thanks Tommy Lee!) but only one has ever presented me with freshly shot ducks. I helped local political-punk rockers Bombs Over Providence and their label Underground Operations broker a distribution deal with Universal Music. Their drummer Chris Corless, a vegetarian, and me once got into a discussion about hunting and although I had never hunted I had no qualms about eating hunted duck, venison or many other of the hunted meats indigenous to Canada. My uncle is still a hunter and I will happily try anything he has hunted. Chris’s father was also a hunter and one day we Chris and I had set-up a meeting in downtown Toronto. He walked into the bar, arriving after a long subway ride and proceeded to present me with two fresh ducks. Coolest, and tastiest rock’n’roll gift I ever received. By the way if your band is looking to release vinyl please check out SAMO in Toronto which is run by former Bomber Adam Cook.

“Head Over Heels” – Tears For Fears

This is the Tears For Fears song with a Toronto connection as the Nigel Dick directed video, you remember the chimp don’t you, was shot at the University of Toronto’s Emmanuel College library. It is taken from their 1985 album “Songs From The Big Chair”.

Lady Sovereign

Hey, I told you this wouldn’t be easy. The diminutive English rapper was the first non-American female rap artist to be signed by Def Jam. From the “grime” school of rap (see Dizzee Rascal and Tempa T) she released her debut album “Public Warning” in 2006 but has not released another record since her 2009 second album “Jigsaw”.

“It’s All Over” – The Headstones

It was this song, along with “When Something Stands For Nothing”, that prompted me to sign band to MCA Records back in 1992. “It’s All Over” is the first cut on their platinum debut album “Picture Of Health”.


As the seventies rolled into the eighties Calgary-based Loverboy (who used to rehearse at The Refinery) picked up the baton passed on to them from B.T.O. and once again saturated North American radio with Can-Con hits. “Turn Me Loose”, “The Kid Is Hot Tonight”, “Working For The Weekend”, “Hot Girls In Love” and “Lovin’ Every Minute Of It” weren’t the most loved songs by the critics but the fans loved them and they packed arenas across the continent. Much like BTO before them and Nickelback after them Loverboy touched a nerve with radio programmers and fans.

Over and Over” – Hot Chip

The British hit single from the London-based group’s wonderful second album “The Warning”. The critic and festival favourite electronic group have still never conquered the North American mainstream charts with any of their five studio albums.

The Modern Lovers

Although not punky at all the band’s only album, 1976’s The Modern Lovers (which was recorded back in 1972) became one of the most influential records of the original punk era and helped spawn an entire scene. Led by Jonathan Richman (who became a bit of a sensation in “There’s Something About Mary”) the original band also featured Jerry Harrison, who would go on to join The Talking Heads, David Robinson, who would start The Cars, and Ernie Brooks who would later play with David Johansen and Elliot Murphy. The quintessential song on the album is “Roadrunner” which has been covered by The Sex Pistols in the film “The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle”.

Over And Done With” – The Proclaimers

The boys sent their original demo tape to The Housemartins back in 1986 and they were so impressed that they offered Charlie and Craig an opening spot on their tour. This is from their debut album “This Is The Story” that landed on my desk at MCA Records and I convinced the powers that be that we should distribute the record in Canada. This was well before their breakout hit “(I’m Going To Be) 500 Miles” but I knew that they were artists that were not to be taken lightly. The song is also featured in the film “Sunshine On Leith”.

Maureen McGovern

This one is really a stretch but who didn’t love the song “The Morning After” in the epic “Poseidon Adventure”? The tune went on to pick up the Oscar for “Best Original Song” in 1972 beating out that other classic “Ben”.

Over The Rainbow” – Judy Garland/Toby Swann

Speaking of Oscar winning movie songs this may be the most loved of all time. It would make Judy Garland a star and become her signature song for the rest of her life. Local rocker Toby Swann (Battered Wives) had a bit of a local hit with his version of the song back in the late seventies. If anyone has an MP3 please let me know. And, for the purists, the song’s title is “Over The Rainbow” and not “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

Oversoul Seven

A short-lived alternative band from Vancouver in the late eighties. Started to make a bit of a dent but then quickly faded into pop oblivion. “One And One Is Three” appeared on the great Vancouver retrospective “Last Call”.

Over, Under, Sideways, Down” – The Yardbirds

The 1966 Yardbird’s hit which featured Jeff Beck on both guitar and bass.

Pete “Overend” Watts

Bassist and one of the founding members of Mott The Hoople. What I always remember about Overend was his stunning collection of bass guitars, most of which we the very rock’n’roll looking Gibson Thunderbirds. He also rocked the best boots in the band.

“It’s All Over Now” – The Rolling Stones

The first number one single for The Rolling Stones was this Bobby and Shirley Womack penned tune. Speaking of cool guitars you can see Brian Jones playing his teardrop Vox in the video from the “T.A.M.I. Show” movie.

(Editor’s Note – I’m crushed! You forgot all about me and my song from Vanishing Point. Recorded on a Paramount Studio soundstage with the core of Elvis Presley’s Vegas band, Tom Scott’s horns, and a girl vocal group. Rand Bishop and I rocked the closing song of what has become a classic cult movie. Produced by Rockabilly Legend, Jimmy Bowen.)

Segarini/Bishop – “Over Me”

If you are curious about coming down to The Kensington Lodge for one of my DJ sets please have a look at my Facebook or Twitter feed as this column comes out the day after I spin. The times may shift as it seems to make more sense to spin a cocktail hour (or four) after work as locals enjoy the two Lodge patios. I am also keeping track of my playlists if anyone wants to take a peek. I think for the rest of the summer we are going to go reverse Dolly Parton and spin from 5 – 9 PM. Different themes every week. Last night was heavy on Stax and Motown.


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